Final Events Energies Update ~ I Still Love Luci

Even Tho The World Is Pushing Me Towards Not Being Able To Express Heart Based Feelings, I Still Love My Twin Flame Other Person Self But Being Risen And Enough IS What He Needs Me To Be.

I Love All The Psychos Who Are Mad In Love With Me And I Reciprocate My Way Always. The Next Evolutionary Phase Of True Love Is Perfect Merge Amongst All Creatures You All Wouldn’t Believe It But The Racoons Now Never Ever Fight Anymore They Take Turns At The Food Station And Are No Longer Hostile Amongst Each Other.

All Fauna And Flora Be Melting Down The Rigid Frigid Mask Since The Frozen Spell Of All In Creation Following David’s Torah And Enslavement To Hashem Leading Towards The Islam Insanity Soon As Jesus Christ’s Resurrection (Not The Same As Christianity) Is Applied Onto All As One ~ All Beings Recovering Their Heaven Identities And Soul Missions. The Rest Of The Annunaki Guests/Intruders On Earth Can No Longer Make Pretend They Own Or Rule Us. All DNA Now Upgraded And Free. Right Action Restored. Missions Activated. True Love And Forgiveness On.

All Drugs And Insanities Dumbing Ppl Down Begone Back To Simplicity And True Ordinary Greatness.

Godspeed My Heart Melting Down And Shoulder Opening Up. I Am Love In Action And Forgiveness In Action.

Cheers To All True Lovers