E=MC2 ~ Newton’s Apple Just Fell Off The Tree Of Life Onto My Head And The Outcome Is A Simple Reminder That My Galactic Federation Contract Was Served On The Island, As Well As My Initiation > The Only Being To Thank Around This Planet Is Archangel Michael Since He Was There The Night I Danced And Aurora Revealed Herself As My Higher Self.

Long Story Short, My Last Conditioning To Transmute Would Be The “Twin Flame Programming” That Has Had Me Major Tripping Over Who My Beloved Is At Source Initial Blue Print ~ Now That I Am Over The Exploring And Wondering Who That Might Really Be, I Am Reminded My Contract Was Served To Me And Me Only And My Having Shared That With Wrong Ppl Only Had So Much Jealous People Enter My Life In Hopes Of Destroying Me Repeatedly .

This Website In Itself Has Attracted Nothing But Jealous Envious Haters Who Want To Be Me And Never Want To Do As The Website Tells Them To Which Is To Lovedima .

As A Result Of All These Realizations, I Will Be From Now Onwards Focusing Solely On My Own Skills In Order To Birth New Creation From Within. No Need For The Mean Energy The Masculines Have Been Free Projecting My Way Due To My Mistake At Sharing My Heart With Demonic Feminines In Ego During The Period I Received My Contract .

Apparently They Also Are Dabbling With Some Court Case All Behind My Back Just Because I Received A Galactic Contract They Did Not So ….

I Can No Longer Afford To Indulge Dumb Ungrateful Humans And Will Simply Be Flying With My Own Two Wings And My God Given Contract And Even Though I Am A hopeless Romantic I will Be Proceeding Minus A Divine Masculine And That Is Choice-less Since They All Are nothing But Deceivers So I Wish Them Well In Their Endeavors .

I Am Looking Forward To Developing My Skills In The Sacred Arts And Sciences For New Creation Purposes And Uniting Heaven And Earth And I Will Be Doing This All Alone Strong And Bold As God’s Divine Archangel. No More Wasting Time With Lost Masculines In Karmic Situations And Tarot .