So ….. The Most Controversial Place On Earth, That Nation With A Thirteen Striped Flag and 50 Stars , That Has Been In Endless Photo Shoots Including Hot Men And Women, In Uniform Or Naked, That Also Has Been Burnt On Many Other Lands, Is In Truth More Than Just Another Country. USA Is A Message . It Is An Ideology . It Is A Movement In Itself . Almost A Cult . A Cult Of The Highest Forms Of Self Love And Intelligence . A Cult That Honors A HUMAN Being And Encourages Humanity.

The Equation Here Is Nothing Less But Brilliant And Truly Pushes Any Speckle To Stardom, Provided One Can Crack The Code And Wants True Love, True Liberty And True Joy.

It Is Highly Understandable How So Many Nations On Earth Despise The Message Of USA; USA Seems To Be Failing At Presenting It’s True Face To The World. The People That Left Everything Behind And Came Here To Create A Government By The People, For The People And Under God (Hence The Unbreakable Israel/USA Bond), Are The Envy Of Whoever They Left Behind In Other Lands.

It Is Imperative That The USA Message Becomes The Face Of USA . USA Is Way More Than A First World Powerful Country With A Strong Army And A Nice Land.

The Constitution And The System Here Are The Only Way For Planet Earth To Be Free.

Patriarchs Cannot Understand Their Own Genius For Themselves Unless Mirrored And (3:33) I Am Here For That Purpose .

The Forefathers Did All The Work They Did that Took Many Forms, Many Names, Many Presidents, Many Movements, Many Historical Dates And Battles, To Then One Day Have Me Simply Land.

As I Am Getting Naturalized, I Will Continue Being Love In Action And I Will Know Very Well How To Present The World With A New Face For USA . One Of Change.

One Of Love. One Of Truth. One Of Compassion.

Most Importantly … A Face That HONORS and Glorifies The Greatness Of This Nation And It’s Founding Principles.

USA Is A Way Of Life . This Place Shouldn’t Need To Go To War To Spread It’s Message. Therefore The Necessity To Commence The Constitution At New Creation With LOVE .

Love Is Above People And Their Rules .

Love Is God And We Don’t Need To Pledge Under God .

We Are All Gods And Goddesses .

Fear Is Only Keeping You All Enslaved To The Old USA . One That Is Mean And Hated And That Gets Bombed On 9/11 By Crazy Terrorists .

One Word Can Change All . It’s More Than A Word, It’s A Feeling That Is There But That You All Deny …….

Love Is That Word, Feeling And Power .

Can We Please Get 2/3 Vote In The USA Senate And The House Of Rep For A Change In The Constitution ?!!! Then A Ratification By The Legislatures Of 3/4 Of The States??????

If Love Isn’t The Opening Act Of USA , I Truly Don’t Feel I Can Stay On This Planet.