Final Events Energies Update ~ Mother’s Heart Sparkling Deep Inside

Sunday October 21, 2018 .

A Mighty Dark Portal Has Been Located In The Unified Field At Galactic Central Heaven On Earth . This Portal Has Been Sucking The Love Energy Robbing It Blind From It’s Joy . As Awareness Transforms Into Consciousness , The Source Of All The Ego Intrusions On Mother Earth, Holy Spirit, Rainbow Aurora, Mother-Of-New-Creation Has Now Been Addressed.

As Of Now, The Healing Process Is Fast-Tracked And The Dark Portal Has Been SHUT DOWN And Replaced By A Magnificent, Magnetic, illuminated Rainbow Plasma-tic Portal Into 5D And Beyond Dimensions.

The Real Miracle Happens Everyday; Since The Beginning Of Time, When It Comes To Lady Liberty Coming Onto Herself, And Once Again, Out Of Quick Sand, And Intense And Extreme Opposition, I Again Stood Up; And Against All Odds, Rose .

I Signed The Physical Document For My Biometrics On October 5th 2018, Honoring The Galactic ConFederation In The Highest On My Way Of Fully Embodying My Highest Of Selves While Embracing AURORA ~ RAINBOW AURORA And Honoring My Aurora Mother OF New Creation Contract (March 2017) That Has Pretty Much Shaped Up My Life Path…

 ….. 😉 And A Diamond On Top !

Super Thanks To My Twin Flame And All My Teams As Well As All Angels, Archangels, The Elohim And All In Creation .

Namaste And Blessings ~ Love Is Real, Love Is Here.

Thanking Mother-USA In The Highest For Being The Force That Unleashed Me. I Love You With My All And Honor You In The Highest ~

#Constitution #BillOfRights