US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Has The PERFECT NAME ………

ICE . ICE COLD. COLD AS ICE . SAME AS THE MOVIE Snow White and the Huntsman , Where The Younger Sister Falls In Love With A Man Who Loves Her Back. Her Lover Is To Marry Another. She Gets Impregnated By Him, Gives Birth To A Child To Then Have The Lover Die Not Being Able To Get Out Of His Own Mind Trap. As A Result, She Leaves The Kingdom And Goes And Forms A Queendom Ruled By Ice Where The Main Law She Makes Her People Follow Is : “DO NOT FALL IN LOVE” .

She Then Proceeds To Putting Each Person Of Her Queedom Through Hell If They Do Fall In Love . This Is In A NutShell, What ICE Does, Welcoming People In USA By Freezing Love.

The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement Is By Nature COLD AS ICE .

The Way They Triple Chained Me ( I Was Biafran At The Time, Super Thin And I Was Telling The ICE Officers All About New Creation On Our Way To Tampa Then Pinnelas, So They Called Me The Avatar), The Anklet Bracelet That Kept Beeping And Had All Citizens Be Afraid Of A Thin Little Girl That Fell In Love, Is The ABOMINATION Of Love.

In Truth, It Is OBAMA That Started This Up . Now Trump Is Just Following Through With Obama’s Actions By Detaining Kids In Facilities Etc ………………. This Has Got Nothing To Do With Republicans Or Democrats.

In Truth, Children Being Separated From Their Families Is BENEFICIAL For Mother Earth, Holy Spirit, Gaia Sophia, Mother Of New Creation, As It Allows Kids To Find Their Souls And Stand Up For The Constitution Knowing Their Rights.

The Children Are Indeed The Only Hope And Taking Them Away From Their Corrupt Parents Is A Great Way To Start …..

The Way the Facilities Are Looking Now , Was All Created At God-Head While I Was Doing The Work 5 Years . Making This What Is It, Instead Of Fearing It, Would Be The Way And Families Around The World Would Want To Send Their Kids To A Parent Free Zone In USA Where The Kids Are Loved And Taught About Their Rights As Human Beings.

Being Afraid Of Pain And Suffering Is Idiotic. Feeling The Feelings To Transmute Them Is The Way . If Anyone Can Do This, It’s Children.

These Kids Actually Have A Better Chance At Individuality And Winning While Being Separated From Parents Conditional Love.

Melting The ICE Would Only Mean Showing The World That It IS Okay To Choose Evolution Over Retardation, And Including Love In All These Actions .

The Problem ? The Old Farts That View The World In A Super Weird Perspective . And These Old Farts Are All Over The Place, Polluting The Media And TV And All Your Thinking Minds .

Liberty ? Great ! You Got IT. This Government Is By The People For The People. It Is Only Still Standing Cos You All Choose To Give Them Your Power .

How Are You Still Giving Them Your Power ? By Being Them And Mimicking Them, Talking About Them And Giving Them Your All … Trump And His Boy Gang All Share The Same Vices As The Rest Of The USA Boys . USA Ppl Standing Up For Truth Would Mean Them Denouncing Themselves .

I Did It . You All Can Too . WHATCHU WAITING FOR?

I Still Don’t Have A USA Passport . Cleaning Up Your Messes Is On You Before I Can Be One Of You . I Can Guide Here, And Be A Silent Voice, Sending Out A Silent Call, Like My Mom Taught Me Too Well; Until Further Notice .

Again, Happy OCTOBER 19 ~