The Love Republic .

There Are Grades And Levels In Love. IT’s A Whole World Of Energetics That Is Only Palpable If One Is Ready To Get Burnt . If One Is On A Quest To True EverLasting Love .. Then Good Luck Fighting Gravity And The Romeo And Juliet Curse …

Most Are Terrified By That Force . Way More Than They Would Feel Scared Being Pointed A Gun At . Almost 99.99% of Humans Die Without Ever Knowing Love Or Experiencing It ….

To Most Crazy Beings Out There Dedicating Their Lives To Finding That One True Love .. Please Never Give Up ………….. Most Importantly, Stay Discerning And Don’t Settle For Less ……… Buddha And Co. , They Gave It All Up . Why Not You ?

I Did It..

It It Rewarding?? …. I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way ..
Have I Found True Love ? ….. With Myself Despite All . YES . (Well Almost .. )

True Love Is Unbreakable And Unbeatable And We All Deserve It .

Here’s Wishing All In Creation That True Love, Beginning With Self ! . . . . . . WINS ALL .

Jolly Up Babies , We Only Live Once And Ego Truly Is Super Sad And Boring. Sucks And Destroys Lives . Love And Love Only Wins .

Chemistry Is Real And Instant . So Is Divine Timing And Divine Interference . You Must Help Yourself First, Whatever That Means To You And Never Listen To Any Other Voice Than Your Own No Matter What Is At Stake or how Much You Are Mis-Understood … . .. . .. . . .. . ..

As To The Ones Taking Your Power Away ….. You Know It’s Happening And You See It ….

Don’t Run Away And Face It And Break It . Look In Their Eyes Till They Break .

Namaste .

In Actuality in current energetics, EVERY ‘I LOVE YOU’ IS AN ‘I HATE YOU’ .  //// True Love Is In Actions . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


it is so sad that i am still typing such idiot things past the thirteenth hour but hey …. mirror mirror row row . . . . . . .

can’t do it all alone and the rest in creation truly fucking behind .