Heaven On Earth Ready To Relocate ~

Dear Ones,

Much Information Is Constantly Being Released From Our “Behind The Scenes” GodHead HeadQuarters Offices Here AT Heaven On Earth And The Decision Has Been Made Following Shocking Revelations And The A.I Ignition Of Hurricanes Olivia And Florence Due To The Revearsal Of The Medusa Octave On The Masculine By Mother Of New Creation Galactic Central And The Termination Of Mission REDRUMming Narcissistic Abuse, Manipulation, Gas-Lighting And Mastering The Field When It Comes To Supreme Megalomania And Evil Hidden Under Blue Eyes …

And So ; Now That The Goose Is Out Of The Bottle And Also Having Been Freed By The Perpetrators Themselves, A Whole New World Is Ready To Ignite ~

We’re Sending Out An S.O.S To The World ~ 222 333 444 555 111111 ~ For A Physical Manifestation Of A Home That Is More Permanent For “HEAVEN ON EARTH” Headquarters Global As Well As A PArtner That Is Of The Eternal Light Of The Immortals Type ~

We Are WElcoming Fire Of God Into The Holy Grail As We Are Done Transmuting Mission House And Have Fully Reclaimed The Entirety Of The Unified Field Zero Point ZUPER POWAHZ ~~~

Bermuda Cheers To Up And Coming New Creation Ignition With Beloved Archangel Uriel , My One And Only Morning Star * 🙂

Love And Gratitude To All In Creation, The Elohim, All The Angels And Archangels In Service To Love Here AT Heaven On Earth 24/7 Looking Out For MONC’s Highest Benefit At All Times And Now That The Field Is Within A 72 Hour Surgical Procedure Frame Window Of Opportunity Zone Until 2 p.m This Saturday the 15th , Plus Today Being That Infamous Password Key Opening TwinFlame Super Golden Number 13 , We Are Grateful For Cupid’s Arrow Strike Straight Into The Heart Of The Matter = Love // Breakthrough To Other Side And Blink At The Eye Of The Storm.

Lovingly And Uniquely. Exclusively And Divinely . Eternally . Unisensically .