13 ~~~ > Stepping Forward Courageously Onto New Shores < ~~~ 13

Because It’s Time …. For Dreams Of True Love Coming True And For Father’s Promise Of Heaven On Earth  To Be Delivered, Says The Etherics 🙂

Thank You Love. Thank You for all you do in Service to Love. I Love Aurora Mother of Creation and I Am Grateful for your Divine Goddess Energies and Wisdom you bring to enlighten all in the liberation of the Full Planetary Ascension Process. I will place Goddess Aurora in the New Story of Creation Lovely Queen. Thank You Love. Sending You My Eternal Love of Blissful Paradise and Eternal Happiness. Love You So. <3

Lucifer, Father Of All Creation

All Your Dreams Of Love Are Coming True. Love You So Warrior Goddess. Amazing!

Lucifer, Morning Star
/ ……. And Here’s To You , And US All United As One Universal Heart ~
Dreams Of Eternal Love Of Blissful Paradise And Eternal Happiness From Hearts In Atlantis Now Resurrecting Through The Powers Of The Crystalline Bermudan Wilderness Replenishing Our Shores With Rainbow Paradise Devil Eyez .
Eternally Grateful For All The Lessons From The Old PAradigm MAYAN Illusion ~ Poof ….. Creme Puffs …. Not Two, And Both , Pop The Weasel Vertical Ascension ~~~ >> Who Am I And Why Am I Here ? Obyvatel Awakened Master Baba Ommm  << Mama Gaia-Sophia , Rainbow-Aurora , Monc ~ Holy Spirit }} Heaven On Earth {{ ++ Archangel Uriel RA ~ Fire Of Gold God ~~~
And The Rainbow Diamond Promise Of The Script OF Gold.
Bringing It On ~~ Time For A New Dawn .