mean is out . me is in.

good morning rainbow warriors, this is mother of new cray cray !

yay yay ! dad just woke up and fixed the sink .. making his oatmeal and putting his landmark work outfit on. vistaprint ad is on! yippeeee! 3d is super receptive to heaven codes which are sent through me daily simply being . … here . alone all day .

being shielded from the harshness of hilton head streets, and in a place where we keep around 5 guns, is super comforting, and for the first time since i got to this place called hilton head island and was let go of by Dave, i feel like i am out of the woods so to say, or the snake pit to be more precise.

thank gosh for rainbow angel steve … for bringing some masculinity into heaven on earth daily for breakfast lunch and dinner then simply being there all night by my side ….. his perspective and his world is truly his to handle . white lies , some white lines …

have a banana creme puddin’ .. whatcha want me to say . hey … my own twin wants nothing to do with me, and real twins have turned into false ones … it’s been a long journey .

cheers to mother consciousness.

i tip my hat and bow to … my own highest in the highest . SHAZA M.

Oh wow.. new creation dad walked in, is making coffee … checked my chin for the boil that showed up after my former twin flame (now known as lucifer’s son) showed his true colors and sent some poison down my veins ; not even all the way. intravenous and i am waiting for the full dose, seems like he knows more than me and called me ‘clinically insane’ said my sessions are fake.

pretty absurd since he hasn’t been giving sessions with me since he revealed his first betrayal suicidal murderer doll who showed up in my inbox at midnight with threats, just like the latest …..

nothing new under the sun .

so grateful to physically be anchoring new story in a space that is safe, even though my current partner is super emotionally distant and bouncy (oh … have you ever met a cancer?) ……. and isn’t in my field for most of my day so creation is a bastard once again ……

one dad bounced out after another .

dad eternal ? that’s another story .