Nota Bene ~

The Whole Script We Based New Creation Surgeries And Transcripts On Has Been Challenged By [333] My Divine Counter-Part ~ Which Doesn’t Affect Me Since He Hasn’t Been Giving Surgeries With Me Since He Was Replaced Here At Galactic Central After He Allegedly Cheated On Me.

The Happy News Is That Of Late, He Self Dismissed Himself Of Being Lucifer Let Alone Being My Twin Flame. It Is Official; My Twin Flame Wants Out And Is Asking For A Better Man To Step Up To Fill The Father OF New Creation Position As He Isn’t Able To Further Transform And Integrate.

We Are Grateful For All Channelers Who Have Now Caught Onto The Latest Transmissions And Have Attempted To Aid Planetary Energies, As Well As To The Arcturians Who Have Sang Songs Of Glory With Heaven And Earth Codes Successfully Integrating With Our Efforts Here At Galactic Central .

We Are Thankful For Sir Thompson For Filling In the Position Of “Prince In Shining Armor” Metamorphic Being, In Tune With Aurora’s Highest Benefit In Planetary Advancement And The Incrustation Of All Heavenly Codes Deep Into The Basic Primal GRids Of Creation Here At Zero Point Central Where New World America First Was Initiated At Charleston Shores All Energies Anchored Here At Compass Rose Triangle Sustainable Haven New Creation Shores ~ Crib Of Rainbow Aurora While The Babies Behave And Very Grateful This Year For A Myrtle Baby Coming In As Lucifer Father OF New CReation Filling In For My Estranged Twin And The Estranged Company Of Heaven Co-Creating Matrix Of Takers That Was All Busted Thanks To My Hero Summer Year Long Honey Moon Hurricane Integrating Mama Gangster All Through The Milky Way In Style .

His Valiant Efforts Are Forever Shone Upon By The Forces Of The Light And I Kindly Ask Whoever Feels They Have Unfinished Business With Us At Heaven On Earth To Complete Things Now As Energies Are Soon About To Propel Everyone Forward ~ ARE YOU READY FOR IT … Are You Impeccably Paired Yet ? If Your Twin Cannot Handle You, Are You Re-adjusted (Remember It’s NOT You, It’s Them ……..) …..

Are You Ready To Take The Easy Road , For The First Time Ever ? 😉

It Is Now Clearer Than Ever To MONC, Holy-Spirit, Love, RainbowA ~ That She Is Boundless, Unbreakable, Absolutely All Encompassing And A Miracle Onto Herself.

“I Am Ready For All Dreams Of True Love To Finally Come True As We Light The Stars Back On With Our Songs Of Eternal Everlasting Love”. ~

Yours Forever, MotherGodA / MilkyWay / Let’s Play My Way.