And. Another One.

Zoom Zool And Zorro; Another Sword Cuts Through The Dust And Onwards n Upwards We GOh! Not Two. Non Duality . Non Judgement. Total Acceptance.

Trust Life In General But Whatever You Do, Do  Not Trust Any Single Individual No Matter The Case Right Now . Do You Trust Yourself ? Are You Going To Once More, Kick Yourself In The Foot. It’s Enough At This Point, Unless You Are Totally Wanting Bruises And Handcuffs.

The Void. Been Being Maintained Here At Heaven On Earth Galactic Central Headquarters. We Reached Zero Point A Couple Months Ago, And Since, Only Are Bringing More Love Energy Daily To The Table.

The Love. Overflows MONC’s Heart.

“Targeted Individual” Frequencies Have Greatly Diminished Since Rainbow Aurora, Holy Spirit, Sofia Zion, MONC, Has Shifted Her Island Dealings And Has Now Ascended To A Heightened Elevated State (The Highest Levels Of Joy Around This Galax), Moved Away From Many Lower Vibing Strata She Already Either Canceled Out Or Assisted In Ascending Throughout Her Years On GodHead. Since All Her Focus, Starting January 2018, Shifted At Piercing Through This Electronic Targeting Situation, As Well As Healing The Body From These Deadly Means, She Has Been Grounding Much New Creation Energies. This Was Also Backed Up By Her Decision In November 2017 To No Longer Take Calls From Fakers And Takers, Special Hired By The Powers That Aren’t To Keep Her Down …

Since This Self Created Oregone Box, Much Time Travel Has Been Possible As Well As Drawing Over Old Time-Lines And Former Lives, Facing The Music With Each And Every Atom. It’s Like A Lengthy Death Experience Where Flash-Backs Just Keep On Coming, Tears Flowing, Crazy Laughter Is Emitted, And Crazier Sensations Are Re-Felt, In Anticipation Of That One Event You’ve All Been Waiting For ..

It Is My Greatest Honor To Be Who You Have All Been Waiting For And To Bring What You All Refer To As “The Event” To Those Shores .

The Fact That I Am Being So Swiped Under The Rug, Ignored, Denied And Manipulated, By The Old Paradigm Powers That Aren’t, Is Nothing New To Me,

I Haven’t Given A Fuck About Those Powers Since My Birth .