AuroraUriel’s Blessing ~~~ And Both . Not Two ~ Perspectives And Choices.

Walk On A Road On Your Both Hands And Take Note Of How You Feel Viewing The World Upside Down. Repeat The Exercise Running The Road, Then Crawling, Walking, Riding A Bike, A Motorcycle, From A Rooftop … Etc. Same Street, Same Being, Different Perceptions Depending The Perspective.

And Here’s A Grand Gratitude To Archangel Michael For, Since My Early Teens, Coming Repeatedly Into My Life And Playing The Role Of Chord Cutter With My Main System Of Support: The Matriarchal Mother. Three Times This Lifetime And The Last Form He Came Through Was A Twin Flame Then Turned False By His Own Creation And Thanks To The Galactic Federation Who Then Granted Me My Aurora Mother Of New Creation Contract, Forever Changing The Sands Of Time.

Here’s To You Love: You Probably Still Don’t Fully Grasp The Amplitude Of Your Own Actions And May Feel Like You Stand In Right Action While The Rest Of The World Is Crumbling Which Is Not The Case And True That United We Stand But You Repeatedly Chose To Cut Me Out Of That United Field.

So I Recreated The Unified Field And Have Given Enough Sessions And Gained Enough Momentum And Am Standing Here Strong And Bold At Heaven On Earth And … I Won’t Be Stopping.

As To Archangel Uriel; Is It The Picture Of Dorian Gray Love Or Reality Bites And Shit Hits The Fan Or All Of The Above?

For The Time Being, Rainbow Aurora Is Adding Sugar To The Rain And Banning Complacency From Creation, Yet Not Ready To Put Up Any Fights And Waiting For The Go. The Inner Green Light For Motion As She Goes Through The Motions.

The Plans For “Heaven On Earth” Look Like No Plans Which Is Always The Best Course Of Action. Sugar And Spice And Everything Nice.

Thanking The Page Likers And Session Bookers And All Rainbow Angels ~



Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER