Calm … After The Storm .

When .. You Have Given ALL OF YOU … And Got Bitch Slapped In Return By A Bunch Of Mean Ingrates Who Would Destroy A Child’s Dream Any Day Of The Week Just To Boost Their Pathetic Egos …

When .. You Loved With All Of Your Heart And Spent Your Own Last Insurance Savings Your Folks Had Saved Up For Your Gray Day, Outside Yourself, Taking Chances On Love And All You Ever Got Was Yelled At, Diminished, Betrayed, Taken From, Manipulated.

When .. You Relentlessly Ignored All Red Flags And Still Went Forth On The Battle Field Ignoring Your Own Bleeding Heart Once More For A Larger Cause And For 144.000 Souls.

When .. You Were Ghosted, Tramped, Trashed, Ignored And Kept On Raising Up The Dead From Their Graves And Injecting Them With Love.

When .. You Loved To The Point Of Madness, And Opened Doors And Possibilities, Giving To Any And Every Seeker At Your Door .

And All Failed . You Simply Surrender.

You Are All You Have Left And You Still Are In Service To The Children.

One Day You Get An Invite To A Former Transitory Home And Heart Is There. Couples Are Mended And Balance Is Reached, Dinner Is At The Table.

Simplicity Is Reached. Ordinary Greatness And Basking In The Gratitude Of Having Simply Had The Chance To Give Your All, Even If You Got Yourself In Return, Which Is In Fact The Grandest Gift.

You Are Simply Mesmerized, Amazed, Super Detached And Well… It Is Well With Your Soul ~ All The Planted Seeds Cannot But Blossom Into Divine Trees, When Planted By The Divine So …

It Is Just A Matter Of Time, Before Celebration Reaches Galactic Central Shores And Mother’s Heart.

Good Nite To Creation And May All Dreams Of True Love Come True .

Feels Like: “Kebro Wledna” ~ Our Children Have Grown ~

Praise The Lord And I Remain, God’s Fire.