Field Surgeries On God-Head .

Greetings . Many Upgrades Since Last Time Check-In With Humanity Through Galactic Central At Was Shared .

MONC is Currently In Transit And Lost In Translation Mode. HAPPY SIX SIX 2018 MFKRS . wassup .

It’s Called How May I Assist You Or How Can I Be Of Service When Addressing Me … The What’s Going On Questions Are Out Of My League ……


SO : “Heaven On Earth” At Mission House On The Island Was Dropped And Deserted Alongside All The Angels Just To Teach Ego A Well Deserved Lesson. The Lying Ego Is All Out The Way And MONC Now Located At GodHead With No MailBox… LOL .

Back To The Basics . Want Me To Be An American Citizen . MArry Me. LOL .

Wazzup Twin Flame Shenanigans . Otherwise I’m Out Of Here As I Burnt All My Bridges. DUH .


Update Thursday 7th June, 2018

Long Day Rectifying Atomic Movements At God-Head Requiring A Total Absence Of Divine Masculine Forces Altogether Since Morning Except For A Brief Interruption Over Lunch Where He Just Came In to Pick Up His Wallet; He Knows His Card’s Number By Heart. Cancerian With His Claws All Around Me And Doesn’t Let Go Even Follows Up With His Master Surgeries On Me During His Sleep .

Powerfull. I Am As Tame As I Ever Was. Brings Me Straight Into My Gorgeous Silver Then Gold Killer Outfits With The Pink Highest Heels In Creation Parading Around God-Head All Day Red Wine And Beer Some Light Puffaroozles Never Enough Action When It’s Solely Time To Cut Off Motherfuckers . Then They Been Keeping My Divine Masculine Partner Here Away For Longer Hours. Like Get On With It But I Trust Him Fully And Know He Is Not A Slippery Eel Especially That He Isn’t Under The Influence Of Dangerous Mean Divine Feminines Out To Kill For Fakeness.

Only Love Kills And I Am The Only Love Around.


You Fuck With Me Or My Dick, You Die BITCHES. STAY AWAY.