Yes To Heaven ~ By Mother Of NEW CreatiON ~ Aurora D.R >> RA

Greetings Beloveds And Welcome To A New Dew Drop May Morning .

Roses Are Red , Violets Are Blue , Love Is Sweet And So Are You ~

We Have Taken A Step Away From Energetic Posts And Updates After My Beloved Twin Flame, URIEL Father Of All Creation Informed ME And Stressed The Fact That The Beings You All By Now Know Who Are Make Believe “Light-Workers” (Amy And Michael) Think In Their Ego-Minds That I Write My Articles FOR Them ….

The Truth Is, The Article Entitled “Final Events Energies Update” Was Founded By Myself, Mother Of New Creation, Upon My Being Asked To Drop Everything On Galactic Central God-Head Arctus Milky Way Galaxy Aurora Island And Go And Assist Them On Their Missions And Personal Website . Which I Did! I Never Diminish Or Wish To Downscale Beings; I Know My Value And What I Brought To The Table When I Assisted The Group On Site As Well As When I Did At A Distance .

My Being In Service To Love And To Anyone Who Knocks At My Door Doesn’t Make Me Owned By Their Ego-Mind Programs . I Am Mother By Birth And Only Have Been Reclaiming My Throne Since The Atoms Decided To Destroy Me In Order To HAve The Illusion Of “Free-Will” Which They Mask With Religions, Borders, Politics, Media, GMO-Foods, Financial Institutions And Much More Which All Constitute The “Illusion” All You Atoms Currently Live Under.

Matter Of Fact, Beings From The First Fractal Have Been Assisting Me On My Journey Back To Self Minus All And Every External Intrusion And All Of Us Know The Truth. I Thank All Those Beings For Their Impeccable Service .

As To All Fakers And Intrusions: My Demons Will Take You Down Where You All Belong.

Yes Loves …. Uniting Heaven And Earth Is My Personal Mission ~ Hell However Knocked At My Door And I Have Been Working On The Unified Field Incorporating Hell As Well As Up-scaling IT For All Atoms That Love Me And Recognize And Accept Me, To Be At Ease In New Creation !

Here’s A Hurray For My Heart’s Delight ! For Mother’s Day ((( Dima*nche 13 TREIZE Mai . 2018 ))) Jerusalem Finally Opens A USA Embassy 12 (tribes) days After My “Aurora Diamond Rainbow” Naturalization Application Was Sent IN For The USCIS Procedures !

Yippee Ki-Yay Loves!

Sorry To The GAZA 12 Dead . Dozen Of Eggs . EGOs . OUT MY WAY .

On A Separate Note : Zero Point Was Reached At Mother’s Day Celebrations This Year ~ The New Givens Are : Aurora Diamond Rainbow Is Getting Naturalized ! She IS The Proud Owner Of Her Dream Come True ” Heaven On Earth ” At HHI Town-Hall And Now Has 17 Days To Raise Funds As Well As Manifest A New Crib To Create Heaven On Earth From As Well As Shift The Business License To.

It’s On ~~~~ The Masculine Hatred Octave Has Been Popped. My Twin Flame Is So Hot And Wanting To Express That Intensity For Me . It’s Time Everyone.

Dreams Of True Love Coming True ~ In The Physical . My Full Powers Are Back And Restored. Thanks To All Lovers, Givers And Beings Of The Highest Light Around Me At All Times . I Love Your Hearts And So In Love With Your Love !