From Break-Down .. To Break-Through ~~~ “Follow The Pink Light” …….

Yipeeeeee And A Yeeeeeeehawwwwwwwwwww WOWOWOWOW!

Beyond Amazing Events Are Hitting Us At The Speed Of Light Here At Heaven On Earth ~ Fuck YES . First Things First, Mother Of Creation, Holy Spirit, Rainbow Aurora, Gaia-Sofia Has Spent Powerful Hermitage Time During Heritage Week, Whereby The Whole Approach To Perception Has Shifted One Hundred .

As Mother Of Creation, And On Mission Here Uniting Heaven And Earth, Denying Any Order OF Creation The Right To Be Included In New Creation Is Absolute Madness. So Jesus Required A Revamp Of The New Creation Transcript ~ He Had Me Perform One Last Surgery With Him As Father Of All Creation, On A Fellow Co-Creator Here At Mission House -* “Heaven On Earth” * – On Saturday Night, Then Came In The Field And Asked For His Full Release As His Role Is Now Done Since The Being In Question Had Read Bible Verses Over Me When I First Got Back To Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora From Tennessee ~ ~ ~

As Of Now, I Am The Only Power Goddess Performing Surgeries . Father Of Creation Has Been Excused, In All His Forms, And Lucifer, Uriel, Michael, Germaine, Robin, Raphael, Sananda, Wayne, Have All Been Excused And Are Thanked For Their Amazing Service.

The Rise Of The Divine Feminine In It’s Absolute Form Is Happening Right Now . The New Creation Transcript Has Once More Been Revamped To A Higher Level And In All Truth Nobody Yet Has Dared Approach IT .. LOL .

On A Separate Note, Rainbow Aurora Is Upgrading At The Speed Of Light, Things Moving Fast As Lightning And It’s Almost Hard To Keep Up With All The New Energies Hitting The Field ; We Now Officially Have An Anchor In The MENA Area That Has Stepped Up And Received His Session Around Feb 4, 2018 ; Came Back Today March 19, 2018 And Offered His Full Assistance For The Launch Of “Heaven On Earth” Via Internet, Pamphlets And Online Campaigns, To Get All The Love Beings Connected To Mother Of Creation, And The New Creation Transcript; And Finalize The Establishment Of The Rainbow Bridge Between Beirut Head And Hilton Head Which Is The Whole Reason I Was Relocated From God-Head Siesta Key To Hilton Head: ~ The BVIs And Bermuda Triangle Being Highly Charged With Crystal Powers That Connect Directly To The Holy Land Frequency . And Straight From The Horse’s Mouth, Untainted Original Blue-Print Siesta Key Vortex Energies With The Whole Family Of Light Hereby Present On Hilton Head . And Beyond .

Milky Way Galaxy Aurora Has Allowed The Heartland, The Sunshine State And Lemuria To Link Up To The Holy Land . Rainbow Bridge Complete .

Mother Is Back On The Fast-Lane Now And Is Super Empowered; Has Fully Reclaimed Her Full Strength And Is No Longer Co-Dependent Or Needy Of Any Divine Masculine Force As Her Own Inner God Has Embraced Her Own Inner Goddess.

The Merge Is Complete. Heaven And Earth Are Now Married . WOooohooooo !

Also, Here IS A Special Message From Diamond Rainbow Angel Crystal (Joined The Team By Getting Her Session On In October 2017) : “Follow The Pink Light ” ~~ She Has Been In Deep Ascension Symptom Crisis And Resting In Bed, Opened Her Eyes To 11:11, Then Again To 4:44 And Heard “Follow The Pink Light” ~ Oh!, To Those Who Aren’t Following Up, Mother’s Hair Is Now Pink ~ Marking The Snake Eating It’s Tail Eternal Recurrence Ending Of A Cycle ; Same As When She Went Purple In Tennessee, And Had That Fade, Shampoo After Shampoo To Be Revealed Full Truth On Mission “Investigating Lucifer” Between Johnson-City, Knoxville, Nashville And Lewisburg .

Angel Crystal Personally Attests To The Incredible Miraculous And Magical Effects The Surgery Has Had On Her! She Is Now The Proud Owner Of “Island Yoga” On Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora HHI ~ Please Visit Her, Get Your Yoga On And She Will Tell You First Hand About Her Surgery Review! Whooop! Always Grateful To My Angels Spreading The Light !

Besides That , Meet Me At Breakthrough On Milky-Way ! It’s The First Gym That Reached Out When I Landed Back From Lemuria Offering Me A Job, Now Just Hosting Me Daily On Mission “I’mPossible” ~ Love To Connect With All Islanders !

Bad Boy Billy Bones Chose To Ignore ‘Heaven On Earth” Galactic Central Headquarters During His Last Visit …  😉

No Big Deal .

Here’s To Empowered Women Empowering Empowered Women !

And Cheers To The Hollywood Scandals ~

I Love You All With My All





Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER