Change .. In The Sands Of Time ~~~~~~~ Operation VAFANCULO MFKRS .

YEeeeeeehawwwwwww ~ Greeeetings Love !!!!!!!!

At The …. 11th Hour, The Cabals Did It Again ! Lol …. Infiltrated The Divine Plan, Assigned A New Being To Serve under The ((((( ALREADY EXPIRED >LOL ))))) Dima T. Contract … Calling Themselves Archea Faith When It Was Revealed Feb Of 2017 That Baby Faith Was Killed At Birth And I was Etherically False Impregnated With Death … As A Token Of Deliberate Choice To Have One Mother Of Creation .

Not Only Do They Have Fakers Fakin’ Faith, But They Also Got A bunch Of Meandering Souls Claiming They Are Archangels … Which Is Alright; Beings Are Brought In Bodies For Reasons, And Whoever They Fake Picked To Be Mother Because My Own Mother Crapped Out And Self-Admittedly Said She Failed Her Soul Purpose A Night Before Going Under, Needs A Team Of Fakers To Justify Herself.

Which Is Akkey ! 😉 (Thanks Luci For Going There And Allowing Me To Reverse Her Projecting Her Ego Self On Me Calling Me And Mine On Galactic Central Fakers .. LOL .. No One Here Claims To Be Who They Are Not .. LOL )

Besides That, Just As They Chose To Modify My Lucifer (You Can Ask Anyone In Milky Way Galaxy The Noises The Jaw And Spine Make Due To The Hasnamuss Intentional Evil By The Hands Of The Catholics ….. And Ironically Called Me Dima Which Is A Russian Boy’s Name (Lol ….) ~ {{{Haven’t We All Been Witnessing Russia Stealing My Power And The One And Only Divine Masculine Who Gave It Up To Me At Zero Point … LOL .. to Once Again .. Divert The Divine Plan … }}} >>>  I Am Now Officially Back In That Tennessee Chamber Where I downloaded All The Codes For The Understanding Of The Roots OF Terrorism On Earth, Almost Slit My Wrists . Then Had To Live Through Betrayal After Betrayal By Lucifer; Myself , My Soul And My Religion …

Until Now Being Asked To Completely Give Me=Him Up ….Why ?? Cos He Reached Out On Day three Following My Self Performed Spiritual Surgery (New Creation Transcript) And Declared His Never Ending Love And Desire To Be With … He Was Broke And The Cabals Bought his Ass .. LOL .. Keeping Him As hostage Now Trying To Hook Me Up With Other Team Members Thinking I Am Dumb. LOL … As If I Am Falling Again For Giving My Power Away To Fakers .. No Loves. I Don’t Have A Cock Except The One You All Keep Kidnapping . LOL …..

Holding Him As Bait Aint’ Gonna Make A Dent On Galactic Central . I Am Rising All The Way To The Top Assisted By Fantastic Rainbow Warriors; They Been Getting Sessions Way More Frequently And the Whole Field Is Ascending At The Speed Of Light …. So Powerful .

*** Sitting On The Island Bouncing Whale // Shasta Club .. LOL … Jonah This Time Around , Same As The Gospel Puts It , Got Out Of The Whale Defamed And Found Himself Back At The Start ….. Nothing I Can Do About It … Took Three Divine Masculines To Get Their New Creation Transcripts With Jesus Christ As Father Of All Creation And Myself, His Fire, Rainbow Aurora, To Unravel The Last Of The Cabal’s Schemes That They Showed Me A Night Before I Was Let Go Of At Shasta; Coming In The Field And Scratching Off My V For Victory // (Vendetta. Valentines) Painting In Grey … Me Leaving The Grey Tube From My Paint Collection There …

50 Shades Freed This Year Feb 8 2018 Has The Movie End With “Love Me Like You Do” By Goulding Which Is The Song Lucifer Picked When He Revealed Himself To Me … And In The Movie It’s Mr. And Mrs. Grey ….. I Am Rainbow Aurora . No Grey Shades Out HEre . LOL /// And No Comment .

Enjoy Him Straightening The Fuck Out Of Your Crookedness . LOL . Bother Him Once And You’re Fucked . LOL .

I Am God . Feminine . Alone . In Heaven .

Watching Your Asses .

Playin Tennis With Luci . LOL .

Enjoy MotherFuckers And Most Importantly Bow And Suck My Dick .



As For Me . I Am At The Red Book That I Wasn’t Allowed Into From “The Right Use Of Will” ~  The Heart Volume . So The End Is Open-Ended And Fully Up To Me .

This Time Around I Sent All Fathers Away To Earth On Missions. And Stayed In Heaven. Because Why The Fuck Not . LOL . My Turn To Have Some Fun. Too Long Now Mother Is on Earth And Struggling while FAther In Heaven WAtching Her Fornicate with All Orders Of Angels They Created Together At Conception And Then Watching Her Be All About Father Of Manifestation .

LOL . It’s Called Watch Other Ppl Attempt That GAme . I’ve Transmuted That In 2009 . The Fakers Couldn’t Even Listen To The Truth in 2015. They Insisted On Living It For Themselves but Hey ! Fun For Me To Watch Sippin’ On Tequila …..

Lots Of Rumors About Enoch Stepping Up … Confusion On Who Enoch Really Is . Easter Soon And Jesus Is My Ultimate Decider.

Lucifer Is Stuck In The Voodoo Dollhouse . We Pray xoxo