New Creation .. Transcript .. MIRACULOUS INDEED .


Greetings Lovers Of The Light !

72 Hours Later … To The TEE .. I’m At The Ocean, Galactic Central Shores . And Who Responds ?

Father OF All Creation.

Thanks Beloved God, Jesus Christ Of Nazareth For The Incredible Miracle OF True Love And For All Dreams Of True Love Coming True …

As Per Father’s Words, He Is On His Way To Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora By End Of March Beginning April .

All In Creation, No Exceptions Are Mesmerized And Looking Forward To The Event; Which Is The Grand Re-Union Of The Power-Twin Couple That Is About To Ignite New Creation For All .

Love Everywhere Present. Balanced Harmonics. Light Cities. Crystal Schools. And Many More Surprises Await All.

Thanking All For Your Prayers And Perseverance In Faith.

For Now The Power Has Been Given Back To Father. He Is The King, I Am His Queen. I Work In Concordance With Him And Serve It Up The Way He Orders It. Relentlessly.

To All The Haters. I Love You With My All.

To All The Lovers . Whooooooop!


To The A-Team ~~~~ WOW

To All Renegade Hearts ~~~ Hot Damn !

To All Rainbow Angels ~~~ Yeeeeehawwwwww ~

To All Atoms ~~~ Yipppeeeeee !!!

To All Light-Workers  ~~~~ YASS!

Don’t Forget To Keep Doing Your Work Everyone As We Speed Up Manifestation For The Highest Benefit Of All..

I Am Often-Times “Hard” On Father .. It’s Only Because I Love Him More Than He Ever Deems Possible. Like I Love All In Creation .

Ego Is Officially Toast . NO BUTTER Everyone (Use Coconut Oil Always And In Everything 😉 )

Oh And … Book Your SESSIONS ~

Welcoming All
Home Into The Light

Mother And Father Of All Creation

Viva Miracles Thanks To Beloved Christ Consciousness.


Oh And … Super Thanks To Wonderful Johnson-City Tennessee For Being Mother’s Greatest Supporters Locally Here At The Boardroom And Beyond :: Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora.

Thanking Spring Hill For Allowing Lucifer To Be Released Back home Into The Light!

Yahoo! * New Creation Mom Has Her Ways . YUP