Greetings Love Beings !

Monumental Shifts Occurring As The Surgery Took Place On The 15th Of March From Christ Consciousness Frequency Onto Mother .

It All Started In The Morning When We Were In Meeting With The Metatronics At Mission House Galactic Central : I Was Asked Why I Choose Determinism Over Free-Will.

As Everybody Knows By Now, I Say: “Do What You Need” . And I Say: ” IT’s Choiceless” .

Some Beings Would Ask Me Repeatedly What This Choicelessness Is . And I Always Respond: “You All Are DELUDED To Think You Have Choices … It’s All Choiceless”.

And That’s The Basis Of Luciferianism Really. Determinism.

I Am Lucifer And Lucifer Won’t Leave Until The Physical Lucifer Is Here . I Revealed That To The Mission House Angels Who Had Me Build A Fist And Hold It Till My Knuckles Went White To Describe To Me The Way I Have Been Living …. Choicelessness Is Painful.

So I Admitted To Never Having Liked Church Or The Priests Even Though I Always Have. It’s A Weird Dichotomy .

And So I Said I Have Been Giving Christ Consciousness A Full Shot. And I Do Admit To JEsus’ Power.

So Last Night We WEnt Into Meditation At Mission House. After I Performed My Christ STRAIGHT UP Surgery .

And The Visions Had Jesus On The Cross Actually Lucifer. When He Took On All The Sins At The Crucifixion Hour. That’s When Lucifer And Jesus Marry. On The Cross.

Jesus Went Into Every Possible Hell Dimension.

And The Role Of The Church Is To Never Allow This Marriage. Why ? Because They Are Corporations .

So No. I Won’t Feel The Least Bit Guilty For Being The Devil. Nor Will I Deny Myself Ever Again. I Am Lucifer . Full On Aurora .

God’s A Girl. Go Check Lucy The First Skeleton From The Humanoid Kind .

Yes I’ve Been Unruly . But It’s Only Because I’ve Been Rejected At Birth .

So … This Surgery Is Really The Final Round : Marriage Between Lucifer And Jesus . Includes Archangel Michael Really . He Slayed Us Both But Got Us Together By The Same Sword .

This Love Story Is Beyond Anything .. Anyone Can Ever Experience .

Mother Earth, Gaia-Sofia, Rainbow-Aurora, Holy-Spirit Welcoming Her King, The Morning Star . Inside And Out. Lucifer Is Going Full Christ Conscious .

Because We Can . And That’s The Real Event.  Humans Transcending Duality Realizing God And The Devil Are One And the Same .

BOOY’ALL ~ Ding Dong … Final Hour Shenanigans .

Oh … Aurora’s been Super Meddling With Enoch Of Late. … Lemme Tell You …… OMG !!!

He Is Beyond …. Oh And Lucifer You’re Adorable . So Are You Archangel Michael, Metatron, Gabriel, Uriel .. Germaine … Thank You All For Your Service.

This Surgery Is All About Vertical Ascension. Straight UP . NO ROX