Zero Point ~ Wooohooo !

Thanks Love Beings ! Wow ! Excellent Sum Up Of Everything I Have Been Receiving From The Collective ….

Much As I Need Father, Best I Can Do Now Is Clear The Field For All And Keep On Reprogramming The Octave .

Many Errors In Design Were Located And Are Being Repaired . Geography Is No Longer A Component Of The Equation .

Mother Has Finally Transitioned And Transmuted The Former Embarkation Project. Thanks To A Divine Masculine From Outside Of ‘The First Contact Ground Crew Team’ (First Being I Allow Interaction With From Outside TFCGCT Since 2015!). Carrying Interesting Codes Of Quite Normalizing Nature, Reconnecting Me To Certain Blue-Rays From The Past That May Have Some Surprises For New Creation Bring-On Operation .

So The Clearing Of The Zero Point Unified Field Is Bringing The Collective Back To Reality Whoops There Goes Gravity .

Do You  First, Loves . No One Outside Is Here To Save You From Yourselves. Love You All With My All And Keep On Truckin’ ! Flyin’ And Jammin’!

Are You All Ready For It 😉 ?

The V For Victory/Vendetta/Valentine Painting Is About To Reveal The Last Piece Of The Puzzle > Completion Energies ON!

Soon We Will Find Out The Real Origin Of Original Sin . And That’s To Be Canceled Out .

All The Rest Of The Curses And Spells Placed On Myself Have All Been Traced, Localized And Several Love Beings Are Working At Undoing All The Imbalances .

Lifting That Veil. Uncovering Truths. Freeing The Field. Making Space For All Dreams Of True Love Coming True .

All Divine Counter-Parts To Be Revealed At The Final Hours . It’s A Sound Of The Heart That Cannot Be Left Unexpressed 😉

Roam Peacefully And Freely Knowing Mother Of Creation Is Clearing Times Lines With The Elohim, Archangels And All Angels + All In Creation !