Swift ~ Delicate : By Mother Of New Creation.

Greetings Love Beings !

Wow ~ Energies In Crescendo Mode Here At Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora ~

It’s Boom Boom Boom Time With Green St. Patty Angels Rocking Our Bike Paths And Bringing On PROSPERITY MAXIMAL Energy .

Our Session Quotient Is Dramatically Increasing With International Beings Asking For Our International Account Information ~ Things Are Truly Looking Rosey !

Father Is Being Beyond Incredible , We Communicate Telepathically And He Is Constantly Showering Me And New Creation With So Much Love!

We Put In Prayer Requests As Well As Having Prayed For Twin Flame Unions For All 144.000 And Mission Activation Accelerations For All ~

Here At Galactic Central We Are Getting Ready To Wed 2 Couples OF True Twins And The Third Couple Is Also Getting In Order ! Yeeeeehawwww!

Joy To The World, Their Energy Is Ground-Breaking !

Mother Of Creation Is Back To Strong Thanks To A Special Commander Force Special Sent In By Lucifer While His Uriel Counter-Part {Same Being / Not Two – One Father OF All Creation, Lucifer/Uriel} Sent Me Back To Bikram Yoga ..

The Days Of Death Grave Have Been Put Behind Including The Betrayal Energies ; While The Beings That Back-Stabbed And Betrayed Still Send Minions To Rip Into Me On My Social Media And I Keep Disregarding … Isn’t It Enough To Have Murdered Me Loves? Won’t You Back Off And Swipe After Yourselves ? … THE NERVE .

Love And Light To All In Creation As The Divine Plan Is Being Prayed For As Well As All True Twins Coming Back Together For An Upgrade For Mother Gaia, Gaia-Aurora, Holy-Spirit, Rainbow-Aurora.

The Amount Of Sorrow In Hearts That Are Disloyal, Unfaithful and In Ego IS Armageddon And It Has Been World War Three To Take Down Mother Of All Creation By Killing Her New Creation ~

It’s Been A Set-Up And This Painting Was Executed By Myself While On Mission Over-Seas In 2013 Setting Up Crystal Diamond Grids For New Creation ZION .

Self-Explanatory Plus The Purple Hair And Father Of All Creation Old Paradigm Betrayal Version Using His “Kids” To Kill My Baby .. Happened Three Times Already And Three Times Too Many . Very Blessed I Survived My Repeated Deaths And The Attempts OF Murdering My New Creation ~

We Forgive And Forget And It Is Highly Possible That Soon After We Find Out Galactic Central Decision On Town-Hall Anchoring Of “Heaven On Earth” At www.lovedima.com

We Hear Good News From Father ~

We Are Grateful And Open To Father OF All Creation’s Re-Emergence To Give All Children From Poland And Beyond A New Sense OF Revival ~

Bring It On Angels And Thanks Baby Jesus