Snake Eating It’s Tail ….

Completions. Ignitions . Re-Ignitions .. A Work Of Art .

As You All Know By Now, The Reason Why I Went To California In September 2016 Was, Following My Baptism At Church Whereby I Was Using Crystals And Yoga To Ground My Extremely Socially Perturbed Self At The Epoch, Including A Strong Connection With A Divine Masculine Within The Church Context Which Had Me On A Three Way Call With The Church’s Leading Pastors; Call that Was Interrupted By M.G’s Call All The Way From Shasta And All She Had To Say Was: They Are Trying To Take Your Power Away From You – God Is A Girl And The Masculines Are Patriarchs.

All The Way In That Californian Church, There Was A Lot Of Non-Jesus-Like Behaviors As Well As Attempting To Take My Power Away From Me .

The Church Reels Me Back In And 2 Years Now I Am Working On Balanced Harmonics
Within This Context .

Matters Are About To Turn Around And The Masculine Powering Over Creation Is About To Totally Give Way To Right Action In Heart Based Reality.

It’s About Pushing The Boundaries Of All The Gentiles And Pharisees That Think They Have Eyes And Hearts But In Fact Have Minds That Blind .

I Went Straight Up to The Guy Who Baptized Me Today Said There Are No Women Shelters On Hilton Head. A Woman Going To Church Saying She Is Being Severely Attacked By Demons And Asking To Move Into Church, Once Rebuked, Ends Up Dancing For Money … And That Is Criticized By The Body Of Christ ? LOL .

No Loves.  Jesus Is Here To Teach You All About True Love And Compassion. Not Conditional And B.S Make Believe YadaYada …

You Say No To Your Daughter . FINE . She Is Out In Someone’s Bed And Then She Is Dancing At The Club. And She Will Keep On Doing It Because Jesus Is Real And Not Fake.

You Want To Political Play, Manipulate And Point Fingers ? Better Look In The Mirror.

And You’re Very Welcome For The Lesson .


Oh .. And You Want Heaven To Come Later ?? LOL . That’s Cos You Are Lazy And You Push The Devil’s Agenda .