Oh Wow ! March 7 Round The Clock ! Happy Anniv Creation ~

Greetings Creation ~

A Year Ago To The Tee, Mother Wakes Up To A Contract That Says In Bold Huge Characters :




New Creation

With A Blank Space Underneath That I Signed DIMA .

Woke Up Distraught … Called Up My Church Pastor And My Web-designer .. Who Both Rebuked Me Said To Leave Town As We Don’t Have The Room For Galactic Activity On The Island …

Now And A Year Later .. The Same Church Pastor Has Me Posing For A Photo-shoot At Church By The Name Of: “Aurora Diamond Rainbow” ~ (Beings Have Changed Their Names In the Gospel !) … Calls Me An Archangel …

And My Web-designer And I Met Yesterday And He Downloaded The Codes For All That Has Occurred Since Our Last Meeting Last January While www.lovedima.com was Infiltrated By Russian Intelligence In Los Angeles …

All Is Well And Back On Track , Abundance Is Flowing And Mother Wakes Up In Her Own Mission House With Rainbow Warriors That Took Their Sessions And Are In Beyond Impeccable Service.

 The Whole Island Is Galactic Federation Friendly As Jesus Christ Of Nazareth Has Shown That Mother’s Heart Is God And Her Body The Church Of God .

She Is The Dwelling Place For The Holy Spirit And By The Power OF God All The Enemy’s Attacks Have All Been Canceled .

Happy Anniversary Creation And May Next Year Bring All The Divine Plan Into Full Manifest As Well As Holy Divine Unions For All True Twins. May All External Interference By Witchcraft, Voodoo, Curses, Demonic Incantations, Ego, Lower Emotion, Black Magic Be Sent Back To Sender And Leave Mother Glowing, Radiant And Free !

Prayers For Her Full Force Back, Passport Completion, Abundance , Joy , Happiness, Victory , Success Come Along Magically Raising Up All In Creation To A State Of Absolute Bliss ~

By The Name Of Jesus ~

Aurora . Mother Of New Creation