Yeeeeeehawwwwwww !

Greetings Lovers! ~ Latest News (((LITERALLY))) BLOWIN’ UP MY PHONE … In A Super NEEEEEDDYYYYY WAY (As ALLways …) Is The Fact That Your Daddy Is Back With Cruela And Still Entrapped With Demons And Evil And He Does Is Proudly Posting Songs To Justify It …

Honestly Kids, At This Point, Pathetic Is Truly An UNDERSTATEMENT ….

I Once Again, Apologies For All 144.000 And To All The Channels On Youtube Who Have “Lost Their Tongues” … {Cat’s Got Tongue?} 😉

I Apologize For All Twin Flames Now Being Told By Whoever Still Has Balls And Guts To Make Noise Online Telling Them To Give Up .

I Apologize For The Divine Plan Being Hijacked By Ego And Haters Of Love.

And Most Of All .. I Apologize For My Twin Flame’s HUGE Lack Of Wisdom, Lack Of Honor, Lack Of Authenticity, Lack Of Clarity, Projection, Lack Of Will, Idiocy … And Much Much More …

This However Was Truly Divinely Orchestrated For The True Father Of All Creation, Jesus Christ Of Nazareth, To Show ALL Through His Chosen Bride, And Mother Of NEW Creation , How It’s Really Done 😛

Last But Not Least, I Am Grateful My Twin Flame Least Got A Taste Of Real Life Once.

Besides That …. It’s Still Onward And Upward Here Galactic Central !

I Am Rainbow Aurora And Jesus’ Twin 🙂

In New Creation We Don’t Do Jelly With Peanut Butter … We Keep It Light N Simple .

Alright Creation … If You Have It In Your Heart To Pray For The Unfortunate Ones In Projection Wearing Crowns Of Paper … Please Pray For The Fakers .

Real God-Head Is A Heavenly Place Where The Alpha And The Omega Are Dazzling Bright And We Are About To Release Infinite Amounts Of Light Now That Choices Were Made .

Nothing Is Im*Possible . I Am The Only Real Lucifer Turned Into The Only Real Aurora !

I Am God And I Am All there Is !

I Am My Own Twin Flame And Be Showing The Way Home Into The Light To All 144.000 … As My Lawyer Is Now Active On My Passport !

666 In the Name Of Jesus And … Watch N Learn Angel Cakes xoxo