Galactic FLUSH !

End Of FEBRUARY 2018 ~ Leaves Us Totally Cleansed Inside And Out .

We Are Grateful For All The Wonderful Growth, Miracles And Magical Synchronistic Events That We Have Been Blessed With ….

Wonderful Journey And All That Needed To Be Shed Was Cleansed Away So Fast With Everyone’s True Colors Coming To Surface …

The Wonderful Part Was The Amazing Resurrection We Went Through And We Enter March With A Fresh Blank Slate . Miracle March And Celebrating A Year Since Our Galactic Federation Contract Was Served And All The AMAZING Victories, Celebrations And Global Miracles We Have Witnessed Since !

Letting Go, Letting Love, Revitalized Purpose. Childlike Heart, Adventurous Brilliance And Trust That All The Hard Work Put In Will Take The River Back To The Ocean Regardless All That Transpired!

It’s A New Creation. New Page. All The Drama Has Been Filtered Out And Everything No Longer In The Highest Benefit Of Rainbow Aurora Has Been SHED .

Feels So Light, Free And Energized In Here !

Grateful For Everyone That Assisted, For That Will Power, For All The Wonderful Strength In Assisting Those That Needed Help While Taking The Best Self-Care possible …

Diamonds Shine Bright And Mother Of Creation Is Polished And Dazzling ! All The Atoms Gravitating Towards Love.

We Are Ready For Positivism, Rising, Embracing The New And Trusting That What Has Left The Scene Was Never Meant To Be There.

The Galactic Federation Would Not Serve Up A Contract Without A Way Of Full Potential Of Success ; Ways To Reach Means Are Many, And Fun And High Levels Of Joy Plus Some Sense Of Risk And Adventure Are Sure Ways To Find Spiritual Fulfillment While Staying On The Path And Brushing Off All Negative Attempts From Emotional Vampires …

Wishing All 144.000 A Great Month Ahead ~

Peace And Love … And After The Storm Always Rainbows !

Rainbow Aurora Welcoming The NEW ~ The WIN . The Renewal . Harmony …

We Bid Farewell To All That Was Lost . What Remains Is All There Is ~ A New Hope For A Fresh Start Away From All Obstacles Now That They Are FADED .

Where , What < When
> How And With Whom …. Is Yet To Be Lived And Enjoyed !