Cali Gurl, Rainbow World ~ I Love My Paparazzi Gangs ! Send Your Chiefs Commanders In Charge! Even Bettah.

Wassup Divine Fems …..

Hows It Goin  Dealing With The Karmics And The Dumb Divine Masculines …. Bunch Of Fun Ain’t It …. Yeeeehawwwwwww ~ Be Like Mommy. Get A Hot Commander And Swipe Yo Brain CLEAR. Down Some Drinks. Lick dat liquor . Little White Lines Never Hurt Nobody. Get High . Give A Private Dance To That Ol’ Crook Who Thinks He’s One Uppin’ Ya . Just For The Fuck Of IT . And Most Importantly. SPEAK YO FUCKIN TRUTH To Those ARound You Cuz It Gets Things MOVIN’ BABY !!!!

The Gang Ass Hoes That Betrayed Yo Asses . FLUSHHHHH .

You Will Be Getting An Offer A Nanosecond If Yar Fo Real …. Best Thing To Do Is Private Reserve The Hottest Bar In Town For Your Highness Majestic Self And Order Dem Drinx. It Follows You Around Like the Plague . No Escape. Just Take A Look At That Almost Full Moon.

Shock The Bazooka Out Of All Pedestrians. Why Not. Own It And Go To That Hot Room. Sweat Baby Sweat .

Believe Me. An Army Of Commanders Is Sometimes Needed So Just Go HOT Inferno And Fuck Yourself Out Of His RETARDATION .

Tarot Is All Polarized . Don’t Listen . Truly . Which Ever Option Is Finite/Infinite Will Cum Yo Way . You’re All Open And Be All That. Tits N Ass Out And Go Rule Dem Bitchaz.

Stay Hot. Stay Fuckable. Stay You  ~ Stay Absolutely Unfuckable With . And Out-Fuckem All . Simple Twinkle . Yar Daddy Is A Douche Bag ? Anther One Is Around Dat Cornah.

Matter Of Time , You Will Know If It’s Ego Or Love . Ego Is A Dancer .

Be Patient . This Hell Is Soon Ending .

Commander Neptune Style .