Agape Love . Love Simply IS .

Good Morning Love, All the Angels, And All In Creation .

This Is A Factual Actual Observation Of The state Of Affairs; LOVE . Which Is ALL There Is. Has Been Turned Into A Battle Field . A Game.

The Songs. The Music. The Movies. The Artists. The Hearts. A WAR.

The “Leading School Of Love” Has Turned It’s Pupils Into Monsters.

Why? Because People Can’t Fully Open The Doors Of Their Hearts To Baby Jesus.

His Love Is Agape Love. It Is Unconditional. It Lifts One Up. Renders One Invincible.

Those Of Power. They Have Tried To Kill Me=Love. And They Succeeded.. However God’s Super Power Is RESURRECTION. Love Cannot Be Killed Dear Ones.

Those Of Power. Those Of Hacking. Those Of Weapons And Money And Means And Fear. They Have Killed My Children. Martyrs Of Love.

As We Have Been Stating At .

This Love Is Unconditional. You All With No Exception Have Trampled, Lied, Manipulated, Targeted, Threatened, Sickened, Killed, Betrayed Love At

We Are Humble And We Do Not Make Presumptuous Claims But To Mirror The Insanity Around Us. Love Dear Ones Is NOT A Game. There Are No Losers Or Winners In Zero Point Agape Love.

God Is Always There For His Children. He Knocks At Every One Of His Chosen’s Heart. It’s Up To YOU To Open The Way. Once You Say YES To Jesus. God Moves In Miraculous Ways And Takes Over What You Allow.

Our Love Is That Of Divine Qualities. Agape Love. We Are Jesus’ Heart. Simple Humble Love. And You All Can Stray. Go Dark . Go Far. We Cannot But Love. When You Allow Demons To Take Over Jesus’ Church. The Church Gets Dark And Scared And Is Weeping. The Church Is Sick. The Church And The Holy Spirit Become Arid. Like The Desert.

The Church Always Knows God. The Church, Even If Targeted, Manipulated, Threatened, Stolen From, Murdered, Raped, Pillaged, Strangled, Mind Programmed, Artificially Inseminated With Demons …. Still Knows God.

Who Is Of God Is NEVER Lost. The Church Will Render Itself Still. The Church Will Kneel At The Cross. The Church Will Commune And Get Sanctified. The Church Will Be Loved.

And It Happens Like Thunder. First Love Moves In Slowly. It Is Cold In The Hallways. The Demons Left Church Moist. Humiliated. Bleeding. Crying. Jesus’ Heart Is Crying. Everyday. The Kids Are All Lost At Sea. They All Think They Are Winning Games. Sick Games. But That Is False. Love Is Not A Game. Love Is Real. God Is Real.

God’s Church Cannot Be Pillaged Or Robbed. Justice Will Prevail.

God Heals. God Resurrects. Jesus Is Alive.

Whoever Cannot Enter Church And Hosts Too Many Demons And Chooses To Remain This Way. Is Not Of God. Is Not Agape. Ego Is Toast. No Butter. Galactic Vacuum To Never Return Again.

Have You Heard The Songs Lately On Nightcore? Blood And tears And Murder. For Those Who Play Catch 22 Love Has Won Games.

Dear Ones. Jesus Overcame The World. On The Cross. He Felt Every Sin As His Own. He Took It All On. And That Is Real DNA Transformation. He Transmuted The Field. And He Transformed, From Carbon Organic Based, To Spirit. And He Remains. He Is Each Divine Feminine On A Twin Flame Journey’s Divine Masculine. He Is My Twin Flame And Yours Too. She IS Your Twin Flame’s Twin Too.

God Is Asexual Dear Ones. Jesus Christ’s Name Is Most Powerful.

He Already Has Done That (Overcoming The World And Resurrecting). After All His Miracle Works That Were Highly Unappreciated. All His Spirit Work The Monster Heartless Humans Laughed At.

He Still Loved And Still Does . And Always Will.

There Is Always A Return To God = Childlike Innocence. Only Through Jesus Christ . The Highest Only And Most Exalted.

Only you Can Walk That Path; Know That Prayer Is A Powerful Tool Of Transformation. The Holy Spirit Gets Alive And The Waters Within Turn To Holy.

The Experience Is Real. For Those Of God.

God Judges Not. He Reflects. And When People Put Demons In His Church, The Church Rebukes The Demons . She Talks Them Out Into The Void.

People Are Afraid Of Agape Love.

They Prefer Ego. They Judge. Belittle And Mock Those Of God.

But that Is Nothing New. We All Know That The Path Of Righteousness Is Everyone’s Envy Because Most Are Employing Free-Will Away From God’s Will.

We Judge Not. Acceptance Is Transcendence.

God Isn’t Attached To Titles. God Knows His Children’s Hearts And God Is Always There.

Enjoy Letting God Into Your Heart And Enjoy Being Forgiven Your Sins . Lies. Manipulations. Power-Games. Trespassing. Targeting . Ridiculousness.

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

The Truth Shall Set YOU Free.


Rainbow Aurora.