Hushhh The Secret Keeps ITSELF ~

To All The Characters Of The Living God = One Story Pictures ( Where God In The Masculine Is The Executive Movie Producer) , Where The World Is Our Stage … THANK YOU ~

The “Company Of ‘Heaven’=DiMa” Was Founded In Result To My Birth Holding The SIXSIXSIX Frequency As Lucifer The Light Bringer Aka Fallen Angel And Devil ~

The Company Of Heaven MAGICALLY Orchestrated, Through The Assigned Divine Director To Synchronize With The Mayans & Freemasons (On the Other Side) To Give Lucifer In The Company Of Heaven Another Holier Face Being Archangel Uriel, Fire Of God .

All Basis Covered .

Lucifer/Uriel=Dima=Aurora Covered On Planet Earth = Heart Returning All To Beloved Jesus Christ Most Powerful Unifier And Only Possible Way Out OF The Current World Crisis …. Everyone Loves Christmas And Christmas Trees And Gifts. Everyone Is Saved And Safe. Humans Made It Despite All.

To Those That Cannot Accept Jesus Who Already Won For All … Sorry. Not Sorry. Ego Is Toast NO BUTTER.

Wonderful Miracle ! Joy To The World ! Thanks Shifting DiMa=TheMother To MotherOfNewCreation=NewJerusalem=BrideOfChrist=Jesus ~ What A Brilliant Journey.

No Pun Intended And Love All Actors On Set That Amazingly Contributed To That Glorious PUZZLE Completion !

Next Round As Inner Matches Outer Is Undoubtedly Twin Flame Victories And Marriages ~ Soon As Heart Of Mother-Earth, Rainbow-Aurora, Gaia-Sofia, Holy-Spirit Comes Back To Life As God’s FIRE ~

WOW . Here’s How Lucifer Transmuted His Sins In One Lifetime. Shifted To Fem In The Body, Emptied Dima Of Life – 2009-2013 – (Was Declared DEAD), Then Received The Three Breaths Of God 2015- And The Word Flip, Got Jesus’ Full Acceptance For Mission Uniting Heaven And Earth And Her New Creation Name : Aurora Diamond Rainbow -2016- + Contract -2017- .

The Delays With True Twin Unions And The Mix-Ups Is Due To The Physical Remaining Lucifer Here To Learn From Mother Aurora Getting All Confused And Choosing A Seemingly Different Path For Himself.

Rainbow Aurora Thanks Her Movie’s Divine Director And Producer For The Marvelous Amount Of Effort And Perseverance Put In.

All Actors (Those That Did Terrible On Set And Forced Themselves In And Wrecked HAVOC), The Silent Ones, The Trouble Maker Ones, The Fun Ones, The Losers And Winners .

And Thanks The UNKNOWN For The Mystery Of The Sphinx 😉

What’s The Divine Marriage Part Looking Like ?

What’s Your Earth Name … Beloved Twin Flame Of Mine ….

Leave That Up To GOD