The Last Of The Mohicans .

Love Takes The Cake And Divine Masculine HEart Is GREATLY WAKING UP ~ Just Received A REAL MAN (Same As Irlichman But That Failed So Has All Of USA Masculines At Stepping Up Simply And Coming To The Island Of Wonders To Meet WonderWoman …) Flying Into The Island To Be With Me … LOL . Faster Than Any American And That’s Unfortunate But Other Divine Masculines Phoenix Have Been Explaining For Years How They Know What I Am Going Through And Therefore Come To L.A To Teach Sex Seminars To The Men Here.

What We Have Noticed 9 Years Here Is That The American Boy Blue-Print Is Quite Pussy Whipped And Will Only go To The Fems That Will Whoop Their Asses, Check Their Phones And Go Bonkers And Lie And Manipulate. If There Is A Balanced Feminine That Is True, They Will Run From Her Like the Plague And That Has Included My Twin Flame With Rumors On Valentine’s (Instead Of Direct Communication Like Adults) That He Is Headed Back To The Liars Who Make Believe They Want Victory For the Light And Instead Stand Against True Twin Re*Unions ….

Anyway ! Happy Valentine’s From Galactic Central ! We Remain God’s Chosen And We Are Receiving All The Blessings We Deserve! Godspeed And Maybe Soon We Be Giving More Seminars On Balanced Harmonics For All Beloved USA Brilliant Children!

I Am Sorry My Twin Is Pussy Whipped and Less Of A Man …. I Am Looking Forward For A Balanced And Successful Divine Masculine Phoenix to Show And Tell How It’s Done! Being A Man Is What It Is. Can’t Go Around On That ~ Sorry To Admit But Disney-Land-USA Has Strayed FAR FAR FAR From How Things ARE And Should Be. Topic I Discuss With My Divine Masculine Roommates Too In This Community I Live Within …. This To Us Phoenix Is A TOTAL JOKE . No Way On Earth Would We Play At This Level .

No Judgements Just Truth.

5 Years Now Since I Met The Teams That Say They Are Here To Co-Create New Earth. 5 Years Everyone Is Invited. No One Dares To Show They Hire Special Intelligence To Spy On Me And Don’t Show Up …. That’s Not Man Talk. That’s Total Mind Control And Being Pussy Whipped By The Wrong Pussies!

We Have Diminished Ourself Thrice Now And Went Out Of Our Way To Accommodate Divine Masculines In Their Towns And Give Them A Chance But No Won’t Do. We Forgave Ourself For The Lost CApital And Total Sham.

We Will Be Happy To Give Seminars To The General Public Or Be Love In Action And Show And Tell …

Mother Of New Creation ~

In Love With Love