Dear 144.000 You Are Mommy’s Heart

Greetings Beloved Kings And Queens !

There Is No Need For Fear= False Evidence Appearing Real ~ Us Being Targeted Is All Good, All Positive. If We Couldn’t Handle It We Wouldn’t Have Been Sent Here By God On Mission!

Staying Strong And Absolutely Judgement Free Is The Key For Our Twin Flame Union Acceleration.

We Pray Today That Whatever IS The Last Key We Need To Be Given , Information We Need To Know Or Whatever We Need To Activate Our Twin Flame Unions Be Granted For Valentine’s By Cupid!

Remember Beloveds; Money Is Never A Factor That Can Keep Twins Separated . Nor Karmics Nor Family. We Are Way Beyond All These Details And Mountains Can Move By The Power Of God In Our Open Hearts.

We Rise As A Collective ! 144.000 Risen Bright And Victorious.

I Took It Upon Myself, To Be The One That Will Redeem All. It Is Part Of My Pact With God, My Mission. I Am 100% Responsible, Thank You, I Love You, Please Forgive ME .

I Remain Sleeping Beauty, Aurora, Mother OF New Creation And Rise In Living God Within And Forgiveness, And There Is Nothing I Would Not Do For Full Planetary Liberation And Global Unity. NOT TWO.

My Birth Mother, And All The Mayan Civilization Have Been Working From Venus For All The 144.000 Weddings . We Are Venus . The Reveal Is Here .

The More Work The Oppressed Are Doing, the More The Oppressors Are Revealing Truths .

And Here’s The Last Bit For Today ….. In The Duality Sense That Is The Ego-Mind Annunaki Program, There Has Always Been Oppressed And Oppressors . Since Jesus Days . He Was Oppressed By All In Creation And Only Had God As His Liberator VERTICAL Force Of Awakening RESURRECTION And Did What HE NEEDED To Get To God The Father .

We Each Have Our Cross To Bear And Each Do What Is Needed By The Name Of Jesus To Get To God. I Was Personally Chosen And Brought To USA By Beings Who Are Here For The “LIVING NON-DUALITY” PROGRAM .  And That Is My Personal Mission By Them To Carry The Ho’oponopono frequency And Take It All Upon Myself, As God Personified.

Happy Valentine’s Day To All And My Twin Flame And Myself Aurora Are Doing Everything We Possibly Can By God To ReUnite.


Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER