TO We The Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora Government = We The People 

Hi Loves! Never Mean To Come Off As Aloof, Egotistic Or Insane . As You All Know By Now I Have Been Fighting Hard Battles From Hilton Head Island To Reclaim My Human Sovereign Life For A Human Existence While Being Targeted By All Sorts Of Government Agencies Who All See My Great Potential And Are Fighting For My “Ownership”, “Custody” Or Who Try And Manipulate Me Into Ways Of Having Me Relocate To Their Towns …

I Am A Very Open Minded Being And All Heart So I Followed My Heart More Than Once Giving Their Invites And Towns A Chance However Always Found Myself Back Here Faster Than Thunder Since None Of Them Are For Real And Their Offers Are Jokes !

We Remain Galactic Central, Not Out Of EGO (Believe Me When I Say I Went To The Spots Where Alien Galactic Activity Is Said To Be At The Highest And Came Back Here For the Reason That The Ships Showed Up For Me Here On HHI South End Shores More Than Any Other Place On Earth And I Got Served My Galactic Federation Contract From South End Hilton Head Which Is A Quite Active Arcturian Portal My Star Family Being From Arctus .

Long Story Short, We Are The Chosen People Of God Since I Am Fully Christed And Part Of My Mission Is To Get You All Jolly And Shining Bright Like The Diamonds That You All ARe!

No Clue I Cannot Make Anyone Book A Session With Me, I do Know That Since 2015 I Have Had Several Success Stories And Especially Year 2017, The Island Did So Great With People Choosing Love!

2018 Is Our Success Year Here At Milky-Way-Galaxy-Aurora Galactic Central And We ARe Anticipating SO MUCH Activity Including All Dreams Of True Love Coming True For All !

Looking Forward To Seeing All Your Beautiful Faces And For Amazing Co-Creative Projects With All !

Sincerely, Aurora Diamond Rainbow! 

Bringing IT On 2018 ~