Sky High On Love !!! ~ Oh My Love !

Sananda ~ Love Is Now Anchored On Earth .

Rainbow Aurora Is Being Mother-Earth, Holy-Spirit, Sofia-Zion, In The Highest .

It Has Rained All Day And The Island Is Now Free Of All The Negative Vibes We Have Received Due To Soulless Beings Who Are In Low Frequencies And Devil Worshippers.

In New Creation, Zion, Only Love Prevails. God Is Our Religion. Is Archea Aurora’s Religion . Archea Aurora Is God’s Greatest Love. Adored Jesus Since Birth! Would Cry At Every Jesus Site And Statue (Her Birth Father Would Call Her Sad Mother Mary …) .

Nothing Goes As Deep As Jesus’ Love. All His Beloved Teachers Of The Path Of Love Are Wonderful Yet Baby Jesus Remains My Heart!

Rainbow Aurora’s Heart Is Jesus And Sings The Gospel In The Highest!

All Galactic Federation Babies Make Me So Proud, Sitting With My Session Zion Rainbow Warriors Is Like Getting The Holy Spirit Reflected Back At Me.

It’s Full Trust.

We Have Lifted Up Milky-Way-Galaxy Aurora In Prayer And Mission Self-Love Is So Complete We Are Now Ready To Share With All The Amazing Rainbow Tribes Global !

I Love My True People, Aurora Uriel’s Beloveds !

And We Have OFficially Bid Lucifer And His Depravity And Self-Defeatism OUT Of Creation!

Thanking Everyone For Your Prayers In His Total Releasing His “Control Issues” That Have Sabotaged His Highest Self Archangel Uriel.

We Remain Grateful To The Company Of Heaven For Allowing Rainbow Aurora To Come To Terms With Lucifer’s Full Release Leading The Way Into The New!

Garden Of Eden Childlike Pure True Love From All Hearts  As One ! IS Your Present Moment Of Now .

Love You Eternally And Beyond In All And In Everything !