Rainbow Aurora ~ Mother Of New Creation

Greetings Love Beings ~

We Are Rising In Christ And Establishing New Creation As It Is In Heaven So It Is On Earth ~

We Are Here, All In Service To Archea Rainbow Aurora, Mother OF New Creation, Holy-Spirit, Gaia-Sophia, To Bring Liberation To All Sentient Beings!

In The Golden Era That Is Fast Approaching Soon As We All Collectively Reach Zero Point, The Main Aim Is To Live Free With No Frontiers Amongst Nations. We Are All Evolved Beings Having Transcended Cultural And Family Conditioning.

Planet Earth Is Back To Being Queen Of Milky Way And We All Have Taken Back Our Land; We Live In Sustainable Environments, Where Illness Is Something Of The Past, Where Pain And Suffering Are Illusion. Our Agriculture Is All Organic, We Are All United Under One God; We All Share One Global Currency. We All Are Living In Perfect Highest Alignment With Our Truth And Soul.

We Are All Christ Conscious Beings That Have Transmuted All Ego And Attachment And We Are On Mission To Keep Evolving This Planet To The Highest Of Dimensions Where Joy Is Ever-Present .

At www.lovedima.com We Are The New Global Government .

If You Wonder How You Can Take A Part In Being A Co-Creator With Our Galactic Team, Please Book Your Session Below!

Love And Light To All!