Prayer For New Creation ~ By Mother Of Creation , Rainbow Aurora, Sofia-Zion, Holy-Spirit

Beloved Father Of Milky-Way Galaxy Aurora , God, Jesus Christ Of Nazareth .

I, Your Archangel Of Love And Victory, Your Fire, Rainbow Aurora, Thank You For Serving Me My Contract As Mother Of New Creation. Thanks For Holding Me Like A Baby Within Your Arms And Carrying Me Through, Taking Me From Devil After Devil, For Your Power To Release Their Power From Creation. Thanks For Using Me As Your Redeeming Vessel. I Am Honored, Blessed And Grateful.

Thanks For Showing Me Everything That Isn’t Of You Or Of Love And From You First, As I Have Given My Will To You And Your Will Is Mine To Embody, So Is Your Consciousness And Divine Plan For All In Creation.

Thanks For Using Me As Your Fire That Burns Away All Sin, Demons, Hell Bound Entities, Creepers, Soulless People Whom I Forgive. Thanks For Avenging Me And Raising Me Up And Making Me Victorious In Your Name Dear God.

Thanks For, Through Me, Restoring Planet Earth As Pure, Pristine And True. Thanks For, through Me, Allowing The Garden Of Eden Codes Back Full Onto All Planetary Diamond Rainbow Plasmatic Grids. Thanks For Utilizing Me As Your Vessel, Your Bride, New Jerusalem, Sofia-Zion, To Redeem Populations From The Annunaki Ego-Mind Program; The Same Program That Still Runs Since Your Crucifiction Beloved Christ Of Nazareth.

Thanks For Using Me As Your Fire To Shine Your Light Through Me And Cancel Out All the Pharisees Atrocities Throughout Times. Thanks For Using Me As Your fire To Avoid Further Calamities by Lost Terrorist Groups That Are Mind Programmed And Hijacked By The Cabals And Are Here To Power-Over People And Be A Catch 22 To Entrap Souls As Spiritual Prisoners.

Thanks For Using My Voice, My Body, My Love, My Soul As I Have Offered Myself Totally to YOU Beloved God, Jesus Of Nazareth To Be Your Victory And Your Redeemer.

I Am Honored And Blessed For The Chance At Being Of Service To You And To Your Light.

Thanks God For Planting The Seed Within Me Early On To Love Your Creation So Much As To Want And Desire The Rivers, Oceans And Lakes To Be Pollution Free, Ozone Layer Restored, The Air And Water Pure, The Animals Safe And Happy, All Humans Healthy And Free!

Thanks For Planting The Seed In Me Early On Of Wanting To Find True Love And Live In Love Forever More!

I Pray You Assist Me More Be Even More Of Everything You Would Want For Me!

Thank you Beloved God. 11:11 ~ I Pray For All Of the Body Of Christ As One For All True Twins To Unite!

I Love You Jesus! And Pray For My Real Twin Flame From Your Heart You Special Designed For Me To Come Forth Home Into The Light ! Thanks For Bringing On Archangel Uriel Home To Me <3

Thanks For Utilizing Me To Redeem Satan From Your Creation And All Demons.

Thanks For Using Me To, Before Judgement Day, Slay Lucifer’s Fakers.

I Pray To Receive The Real Lucifer Morningstar, Archangel Uriel Father Of Creation My Twin Flame From Your Heart! I Pray For Divine Unions For All 144.000 Twins In Your Name.

I Pray That You God Shift Everything I Ever Said And Did Into Gold. Redeem Me Fully God. Bring Victory Upon . I Pray For Abundance, Funds And For The Highest Outcome For Me, Mother Of New Creation, Holy-Spirit, Sofia-Zion, Rainbow-Aurora And All My Atoms!

I Pray For My Passport Finalization And Speedy Delivery, I Pray For Love And Light And Travel.

I Pray For Justice. Ultimate Victory. Joy And Laughter! Health And Mission Activations For All!

I Pray For Light Cities and Platinum Schools.

Thanks Father God, Jesus Of Nazareth .

Eternal Love And Gratitude.

Rainbow Aurora.