Old Contracts Are Canceled . Some Beings Chose To Give Up Their Souls And Their Missions! The Former Lucifer Is Out Of Duty. He Has Been Excused .

72 Hours Is All It Takes For My Surgery To Be Complete .

God Has Shifted All Atoms And All The Old Is Now Officially Gone. With A No Return Policy.

Time For All In Creation To Turn The Page ! I Am Leading The Way This Time For Real And Bringing On The Grandest Love Story In Creation To Ever Hit The Shores Onto Earth!

Just For Laughs And As A Tribute To Rainbow Angel Selena Gomez,

Not Only Are We Tired Of The Same Old Love, But We Are Done ! The Way The Old Story Ended, After The Nightmare It Begun As, Was My Supposed Bridesmaid Ended Up Fucking The Groom With The Money She Made Out Of Working With The Supposed Bride (Me). This Kept Me Sleepless A Few Nights As She Is My Wanna Be And Her And Her Friends Think It’s Fun To Invoke My Soul In Their Bodies …

My Bad As I Am Really Dedicated To Love And Chose To Love My Former Twin Flame As Myself But That’s All Over Now I Claimed Back LuciferAurora Into My Heart Body Hologram And God Is Moving Inside Of The Body Of Christ Re-Awakening The Real Lucifer Allowing Him To Avenge His Archangel Aurora Wholly!

So I Am Grateful For The Power Of God To Have Shown Me That Fakers Are Fakers.

My Intent In Meeting The Company OF Heaven Was Beyond Real. They Were Me In A Parallel Reality And I Had To Go For Myself And Cancel That Out. God Knew How Evil Evil Is And He NEver Let Me Go Before I Got Baptized With The holy Spirit.

And That’s How He Made Sure My Place In Heaven Is Secure.

So Yes. I Am Born Again. The Old Is Out The Window . Gone Forever More . The Liars And Fakers Can Feed On The Organic Mass That Used To Be My Soul. As I Have Reclaimed My Soul, My Divine Masculine Is Now To Be Reborn Into The Right Heart.

Cheers And Peace And Love To A Huge Phase Of My Life That Is Now O.V.E.R !

Whoooosh !

Here’s To New Creation Father … The Real Lucifer …. I Love You Baby And Am Looking Forward For Your Love ~ You’re The Greatest Love Of All !

I Can Finally Feel True Love For Myself Now That I Am Free Of All External Interferences! Mother-Earth, Rainbow-Aurora, Sofia-Zion, Mother Of New Creation Is Finally Pollution Free !

Love And Light To All