Rainbow Aurora Gongs Milky-Way From Earth’s Center

A Kundalini Practice Invite … Begins With Palo-Alto, Ends With Deep Gong Beats ~ Intermittently Has All In Creation Face The Sun And Chant ~ Invoking Rainbow Aurora’s Presence Here Now More .

All Rainbow Angels In Service At The Thirteenth Hour Standing Up In Support Of Their Mother Of New Creation After The Full Reveal OF The Horrors That Had Been Plaguing Mother-Earth, Gaia-Aurora, Sofia-Zion, Holy-Spirit For Months Now .

Truth Does Set All In Creation Free And They Had Me At The Center Of The Earth This Afternoon Re-Establishing Zero Point For All In Creation Now That A Seal Was Put Around Aurora Galactic’s Heart FORBIDDING Anyone In Creation To Invoke Her For Malevolent Evil Purposes.

The Rules Are Clear . You Choose To Be With A Woman, You Are Fully With That Woman . No Using Bodies To Invoke My Presence. This Is NOT Ego-Mind. This Is LIFE ON EARTH . The Former Lucifer Was Absolutely In Wrong Action Allowing These Behaviors Since 2 Years From Now At Mission House when He Saw My Face Making Love To Another Woman, Saying For Himself He Calls Upon Me All The Time.

Had I Been A Real Mean Woman That Hadn’t Invited Him Home Into The Light Daily, I Would Have Taken FULL RESPONSIBILITY . But In This Case, The Galactics Won’t Even Allow Me To Use The Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Technique.

My Doors Have Been Wide Open To Love. The Right Kind. Involving Right Action. Not The Sick Kind That Drove Me Sick And Up The Wall.

Now He Is Still Making Believe He Is In A Position To Take A Stance For Himself Or Have A Single Say. Nobody’s At My Door Licking My Toes And My Floors .


With the Agarthan Team and Adama, Rainbow Aurora energetically hooked up to inner Earth Portal. Each of them have a Round Rainbow Crystal Balls, This is the Music Of The Spheres Sound Therapy Unique To Your Soul Signature for you to access full consciousness quicker, A Soul and Heart tune up. Rainbow Aurora Breathes with us 3 Breathes and the tones begin entering the heart space. There will be a total of 7 gongs of these tones of sound therapy into the Body Hologram Deep into Heart Chakra and Into The Soul.