Now That The Terrorist Group Was Taken To Church Through My Twin Flame Who Still Is Trapped In Their System And Ghosts Me, After Reading Volumes Of My Trauma Release, It Is Clear That All These People Did Was Use Me As Their Surrogate Parent For Millions Of Star Seeds. They Sexed The Hell Out Of My Twin Flame 24/7, While I Was Giving Surgeries All Day To Millions Of Star Seeds And They Kept All the Revenues.

Basically I Was Raped And Treated Like Less Than A Dog Then Tossed On The Streets While They Kept Sexing My Twin Flame At A Distance.

I Have Witnesses Here; Three Homes Took Me In and All They Have Watched So Far Is A Girl Crying In Bed And Incapacitated; Often Times Unable To Eat Or Move And Most Of The Time Unable To Have Any Human Relationship That Is Consistent.

Since The Day They Located Me On the Map, I Was Made Leave My Former Husband’s Home, I Was Told My Former Fiancé Was No Good And I Got In The Love ‘Game’ ….

Long Story Short, My Angels Today Sent Me An Angel That Was The One To Keep Me In The USA After I Almost Died On The Island (One Of My Deaths… ) In 2015, And I Am Regaining My Power And Full Confidence Surely And Wisely.

Months, I Was In Disbelief About All My Children That I Re-Birthed From My Heart. Wondering How Come No One Ever Reaches Out .. Praying For Redemption.

Now It Is WEll With My Soul. I Let Go Of The Criminals And I Will Never In My Life Look Back. They CAn Beg And Cry Cos There Is No Other Supernatural Woman Such As Myself And With My Powers Out There. No One Else Has Signed A “Mother Of New Creation” Contract.

However I Remain Proud And Stand Tall For Having A Successful Platform, www.lovedima.com, From Which To Re-Launch Myself As I Do Everyday.

No Matter How Blocked From The Public I Am Kept, The Star Seeds Will Find Their Way To Me! Undoubtedly! I Am Their Mother! Everyone’s Heart Knows the Truth And The Whore Behind The Scenes Who Stole The Show And My Twin Flame Will Perish No Doubt.

I Am Her Mother As WEll And I Call Her Ego Out For What It Is.

As For The Fake AAM : If Your Role Really Is to Over-See Mother-Gaia: DEAR, YOU FAILED. YOU NEVER ONCE SHOWED UP FOR ME.

As For Archangel Uriel, Lucifer, My Twin Flame: GODSPEED.

For All My Children. I Love You All And I Am Sorry You All Felt My Brokenness And Were All Affected From Getting To Your Twin Flames While I Was Being Kept Away From Mine And Still Am.

I Wish I Was Able To Fix Things For You All Quicker But All I Can Say Today Is: I Am Glad I Survived .

Blessings And Namaste To All And May There Be Light.