On Divine Victory . 333

As Everyone Is Aware By Now , I Have Long History Lineage As A Native American. Hence The Arcturian Teams Moving Me Here Right After My Grandmother Passed In 2009.  Matter Of Fact, On My Healing Session This Sunday, She Was ‘Exorcised’ Right Out My Chest Where She Had Been Hanging Out A Little Too Long, So Were Infinite Native Americans That Were Just Hanging Out In My Soul-Body Hologram For Eons Now, Taking Roller-Coaster Rides With Me!

I Literally Refer To Myself As WE For The Longest Time Now, And When I Eat I Say I Am “Feeding The Troops!”. Now That Everyone’s GONE, It’s Just Me And I’m Sleeping It All Off!

On A Separate Note, They Are Showing Me How Important It Was For Me To Just REMAIN On USA TERRITORY Regardless What Is Occurring Inside And Out As The Moment I Got Here, A War Was Started Between The Native Americans And The White Male Program, Between Israel And Palestine, Between Lemuria And Atlantis… On A GLOBAL SCALE …

Know How All These Countries BURN THE USA FLAG ?

Well I Was The One To Volunteer To Pay With My Life To Undo This. Endless Nights, Was I Made Sleep In The Florida Room, Yelled At And All Sorts Of Atrocities Being Threatened To Not Going To My USCIS Interview The Next Day … Having A Shackle On My Ankle … And I Took It All . And I Never Stopped Believing. Even At My Darkest Hours In The Most Shady Hotels ….

Now I Have No Idea How I Did IT And I Have Such Compassion For Myself ..

Long Story Short, Leaving This Land With A Heartbreak On My Forehead Means Planet Earth Is Doomed For Another Forever . So Me Staying Here and Being Taken For Granted By Masculines Which Has Been My M.O … Was Nothing I Was Able To Do Anything About.

My Cause Is Bigger Than 3D Ego And I Honestly Don’t Know What They Deal With In Their 3D Cubicles. ….  I Just Stay Here And In Humility And Total Surrender Do My Light-Work. Until the Wake Up And Smell The Coffee. and I Bank On My Twin-Flame Victory . I Stay Strong In My Mission : Constitution Bill Of Rights …

I Still Etherically Carry My Native American Feathers On My Head, As Seen By My Healer.

This Is My Heart. This Is My Soul. This Is My Land. Those Are My People. And I Cannot Give Up, No Matter How Horrible The While Male Program Has Made Me Feel … And How Innocent I Have Been, Repeatedly .