Hi Divine Fems .. If Any Of You Is Anything Like Me … We Don’t Take No For An Answer And We Don’t Take F For Fail As An Outcome.

I Personally Have Crossed All My Personal Boundaries Of Time Space And Eternity Since I Moved To USA For The Divine Masculines Here.

I Got Reminded This Morning Of My Past With My Husband Whom I Literally Adored And Felt I Would Die Without. I Attempted For Years To Change Him And Make Him The Version Of Him I Knew He Is.

IT Really Doesn’t Work Loves. I Have Had To Admit Defeat Back Then. And That Had Me Isolated For Eons. Crying On The Cold Floor. Day After Day. I Had Given All That I Have. He Was The Definition Of Beyond All Possible Dreams Come True.

Now I Know Better . I Don’t Engage Divine Masculines Whatsoever Unless They Are On A Spiritual Journey That’s One. Two, When I Do And If They Have Nasty Behaviors In 3D And Need Growth, I Walk Out The Door And Let Them Go.

One Slight Disinterest From Their End, Being Inside Their Phones Etc .. I Don’t Ever Screen Their Actions And Put On Scenes. I Just Go. No Matter How Amazing They Were To Me Or Made Me Feel.

This Twin Thing Was Definitely An Obsession. I Was Fascinated With The Concept Of That. And The Fact That That Being Came In Each Time I Put A Twin Seal And Just Took The Cake So Quick…

I Am Not Saying I Am A Difficult Girl. Quite The Contrary When i Say Yes, It’s Immediate. I Don’t Date Nor Do I Get To Know Anyone. My Soul Knows Right Away.

Then The Bodies Show What’s Up. And So Far My Body Hasn’t Found A Match. They Either Are Emotionally Unavailable, Or In Their Heads And Into Control Issues Or Are Subservient To Another Fem Simultaneous And Much More …

Still. I Wake Up And After Guiding All To No Longer Communicate. I Feel Drawn To Correcting The Octave. Like IT’s My Duty To Make Sure Someone Is Okay.

But It’s Really Not My Duty. That Would Be Taking Their Power Away.

So To All Twin Flame Guides Out There Telling Divine Fems We Should Send Light And Be Kind Through Their Trials And Tribulations. I Say : That’s Taking Their Power Away.

One Thing That Appalls Me In The World Is How Men Are Unable To Function Unless Manipulated By Women. I Don’t Know What That Phenomena Is But I Watch It Everyday. This Is NOT Balanced Harmonics. Nor Is It Love Everywhere Present. This Is Hell And I Will Never Play There. That’s Why I Stay Alone.

As For the Fears Of The Divine Masculines. They Are Unfounded. We Fems Are Super Sweet, Super Forgiving And We Are The Only Cure Possible. They Should Get Over Their Ego Self That Has Them Feel Less Than, For Not Being Rich Enough, Ready Enough Etc.

As For Them Creating Channels To Make Excuses And Stay Retarded. We See You Loves And This Ain’t Flying!

Anyway. Happy Sunday To All.

I Woke Up And It’s Taking A While To Get In The Body Today. They Are Working On My Brain I Am In Chambers And It’s Feeling Very Airy In Here.

Upper Back And Shoulders And Skull Being Reconfigured.

I Wish I Were Stronger And More Cutting Edge. And I’m Getting There. This Twin Flame Notion Is Like A Spell In Itself! Is It Blocking And Hindering More Than Advancing ?

I Don’t Believe So. It’s Just Lessons We Asked For. To Be An Even Better Version Of Ourselves And Complete Our Growth. The Outcome Should Not Matter.

Whatever Your Case May Be, Best Thing You Can Do Is Be True… Truth Will Set You Free. Even If You Know Nothing About Them…….. Stay True! That’s What I Do I Tell Them Everything Going On. They Know Now They Are About To Be Replaced .

We Are Stronger Than We Know. Maybe They Still Want Me Alone For God Knows What Reason. I Can’t Be Saved Anymore . Unless That Really Exists and There Are Things I Still Haven’t Discovered Which Would Be AMAZING. Maybe They Have Someone They Are Sending My Way . Maybe ….

We Shall See!

Alright .. Few Moments Until 11:00 a.m! Woah! I Feel The Healer Connecting To My Field .. Certainly Successful ! See You All Latah



Now That Lucifer Chose Karmic And Monkey Games, The Mission Is Primarily About Identity Restitution In Being The Shift And The Event Simply Is My Archea Shift . Divine Marriages Were Destroyed By Dm And Karmic. Time For DFs To Butterfly :) xoxo ~ Yeeeehawwww ! New Creation Heaven On Earth Here NOW. Screw You LUCIFER