To My DEAR Twin Flame . Lucifer.

😉 To Your Family And Community And Karmic. To Your Lack Of Finances Since You Are No Longer Working On My Team …..

Big Changes Are Ahead Loves. No One CAN Possibly Love Lucifer Like I Do. Not A Chance On Earth. So If You All Truly Love Him, You Love Me The Same Way. I Am Him In A Female Body. We Share One Soul And One Heart.

He Will Never Succeed Without Me. It’s A Fated Love. There Is No Other Way For Us But To Be Together! Your Best Bet Is To Accept Me Fully For Who I Am: Your Son’s (Boyfriend’s, Husband’s .. Daddy .. No Clue What I Am Dealing With As He Keeps Me In Total Darkness….) Chose Partner By Your God Who Is My God And Who Knows Better Than All Your Logical Minds Know.

Your Son Clearly Isn’t In His A Game Away From Me. And Clearly Isn’t Happy Apart From Me. He Will Never Bounce Back Until We Are Reunited. I Know Lucifer Like None Of You Do OR Possibly Can. He Is Me.

So Here’s All I Have To Say.