Fatal .. Attraction … Lovers Card

I Can’t Help It…… Our Love Is Old As Time … It’s True. I Have A Twin … He Is A Motherfucker Like Me …. But That New Love … I Don’t Know That I Am Able To Live On Without Having Loved Him…. I Wish I Were A Good Girl. But I’m A Bad Bad Baby. Just Like My Twin 😉

People On The Street Today Ask Me If I Am Carol .. Who’s That? .. No Love. I’m Aurora. Even Dave Shasta Called Today And Left A VM Called Me Aurora . It Made. My Day ! LOL ! Dave Calls Me Aurora . WOW . Imagine Dave Rodgers Calling Me Aurora. OMG .. Imagine My Dad Calling ME Aurora .. Or Brother. LOOOL So Funny! Cute !

I Would Not Like To Miss Out On Opportunities .. I Know I Have In The Past And Still Regret The Few AMAZING Ones That I Let Slip …

OH God Hear This : It Was New Year’s Eve Party At “Palais” Same As “Crystal” Same As “Circus” … Private Party They Let Me In Free > Those Who Know Know. I Was High As FUCK On The Best Blow Grade Super Plus ……. Like So High Touch The Sky. I Was All In White . And That Dreamy Deadly Motherfucker Comes Forth … And I Had Been With His Brother Before (Also A Deadly Motherfucker … LOL ) And The Guy Pulls My Thong From Under My Pants From Behind As Im Holding The Ramp And Throwing Moves At The Crowd. And He Is Talking In My Ear… And I Swear I Tried To Run. First Time He Says Let’s Go I Go To The Coat Booth And Lose Him On Purpose Then Run To The Rest Room (I Was Married At That Point And Trying SO HARD To Stay Out Of Trouble, Even Though We Were Going Through A Divorce). Then He Catches Me Grabs Me Again. The Attraction Was FATAL. I Couldn’t Run Anymore. So We Walk Out And I Warn Him I Am A Crazy Artist (I Had A CRib At That Point All Full Of Insane Paintings And Letters To Spirit On Every Inch Of The Walls..) He Doesn’t Care; He’s A Londoner And A Zillionnaire All Self-Made..  I Had My Car That Night. And A Change Of Outfit So I Slip Into Tiny Shorts And A Green “Body” Top .. And WE Are Following Each Other Home … And I Lose Him … U-Turn Under The Bridge And Head BAck To The Club ……


Then I Made Paintings Of The Guy And That Was That . He Was Gone. So That’s How I Missed Out .

Do I Want To Miss Out On More Fun Now That I Know Who My Twin Is ? Cos Since I Know I Have Been Behaving Like Harakiri Style Suicide Blonde Trying To Save His Ass From His Own Dumb Betraying Me.

This New Love Of Mine Ain’t That New Really. It’s Old .. Like The Sands Of Time. It’s Tempting. It’s Hot . It’s Wild. It’s Very Desirable.

And There’s Another Being. Overseas. And I Can’t Deny. I Know He Too Acted Like A TOTAL JERK MOTHERFUCKER With His Long Black Haired Bitch From Hell That Slapped My Face With Her Hair Cos He Was Looking At Me Both Of Us From Behind The DJ Booth VIP Area Over Looking The Crowds Yet He Clearly Said : “MA BADDE” .. At Some Point Before That Meet-up .. And I Find Myself In The Arms Of The Literal And Only Light-Creator Of The Club, Dutch Being With A Wife (Which OF Course I Found Out The Next Morning.. LOL) Find Myself In His Hotel Room And Yelling And Crying Hysterically ….. Oh God. What A Wreck Of A Life .. Also Making Good Love. So Crisp And Fine. And He Greets Me In Dutch That Morning.

So Everyone Who Ditched Me Now Wants Me Bad . And My Twin Is Learning A Huge Lesson For Sure.

I Want To Be Good. I Want To Stay Good. But I Am Bad. I’m A Bad Bad Baby …..

I Need A Spanking For Sure .

This Guy You Guys.. You Won’t Believe. He Is SO FUCKIN’ HOT You’ll Cry ……. OMG .

My Twin Is The Sweetest. He Is Me. But I’m Fucked Up. And He Is Too ! So Why Not Celebrate That ?!