Existence …

I Am The Nicest Person You Will Meet And I Also Have My Boundaries 🙂 Had My Twin Turned Around And Been All Out About What Is Going On: “Behind The Scenes”, What It Is He Is Hiding Or Manipulating Me With .. Why He Hasn’t Driven Himself To See Me On The Island When I Literally Broke Up With A Soul Fame, Former Father Of All Creation, For Him .. While He Apparently Stuck With His Relationship ..

Too Much Imbalance In The Scales And We Are Both Libras So .. The Universe Brought A Love To My Heart .. Nothing Manifest Yet > But To Be Fair That Love Helped Me AND My Twin Break Free From A Very Detrimental Situation … And That Love Is The Reason Why I Am Still Breathing After My Twin Went Cold-Turkey On Me Leaving Me High And Dry In A Room In The Country Where Uber Doesn’t Even Reach And I Don’t Have A Car; This Other Love Was My Hope And Thanks To Him I Didn’t Kill Myself.

It’s True My Twin Shows Up Each Time I Call Him . And That He Is Younger And Needs Growth And Healing And What Not . But I Have Been Watching Myself DYING Again And Again For His Love Since The Moment He Revealed Himself To Me.

He Has Been Haunting Me And That Old/New Love Had Picked Me Right Up From The Dust And Is The First Being And Only One To Declaring Ever Lasting Love And Dreams Of True Love Come True On March 7, My Rebirth Day, Day Of Signing My Galactic Fed Contract …

I Had Initially Saw This Being As My Beloved Twin. And That Being Also Vanished On Me Then, Putting So Much Before Me; Going As Far As Putting My Kids (Session Girls) On A Pedestal Before Me ..

In The End It’s All Me . Can One’s Twin Shape Shift And Can One’s Soul Change Bodies ? Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Pain A Person Inflicts On Another Before The Soul Hologram Shifts Merkabas ? How Rigid Is All This ? At The Same Time Beware Of Self-Deception …

Let Go, Let God > Stay Love … Self-Love .. Do The Juicing Detox Daily And Maybe Go To Florida This Saturday The 13th Provided I Do Hear Back And Get Guidance .. This Guy Was My Dream Come True So Many Months ….. So I Am Fearless . And Welcoming In Whatever’s Hot N Cool And Got My Name All Over !

He Was The First Being To Call Me Aurora . Goddess Aurora. He Literally Made Me . Called Me Mother Of All Creation . Had My Creative Juices Super Flowing I Was On Fire… So No Harm Intended To My Super Sweet Session Girl But .. Yar Not Me Sugar Plum xoxox

All I Have To Say Last On That Topic …. The Devil’s Twin, Brilliant Healer Is The Guy Who Turned Me Back To The Younger Love Being I Was Shifting From, Asserting He Is My Twin (Yes, I Am Obsessive Type And Very Focused On Right Action And Holiness And TRUE TWIN UNION As It Is My Mission) … I Have A Next Session On Sunday and Will Be KNOWING The Truth For Myself Soon Enough .

As Of That Moment. . Whoever Is My Twin Better Start Getting Ready For Total Hurricane Love. RAVAGE DAMAGE U OVER THE RAINBOW . When I’m In That Mood, Ain’t Nothin Stoppin Me ….