Destiny ~ Breaking-free From Mind Construct

When Uncertain , Do Nothing. Love Yourself More. It’s Never About Anyone Outside Oneself 😉 Once Your Fire Is Lit Up, There Is Nothing That Will Not Come Your Way EFFORTLESSLY .

Fighting One’s Battles Is A Whole Nother Thing. Standing Up For One’s Right Is The LEAST One Can Do .

The People Behind The Scenes That Are Manipulating, Blocking Access To My Website When I Express Truth ETC …… Are Instantly Forgiven . Nothing Matters But One’s Own Self-Realization. Self-Actualization . Then Self-Transcendence .

Insisting On Any Specific Outcome Is Ludicrous . It’s About Winning Over Oneself.

Sometimes, Decisions Are Taken Faster Than At Other Times. And Those Times Usually Happen When Critical Mass Is Reached And One MUST Move Forward.

We Shall See What The Next Hours Hide 😉 Often Times Quick And Fast Body/Mind Morphs Accompanied By External Events Push One In A Certain Direction And One Knows It Is Inevitable And Inescapable.


So Grateful For A Super Special 1:11:11 Portal !


Also And Lastly: I Am In Acceptance And Gratitude Of My All: My Stubborn Self THAT KNOWS . She Just Knows Certain Things. My True Self. My Wise Self. My Adventurous Self. My Bad Self. My Amazing Self. My “On A Mission” Self. My “No One Will Ever Stop Me From Getting What I Need When I Need It And To Where I Need”.

All It Takes Is Inner Knowing . And That’s In One’s Heart. And That’s Nothing That Can Be Avoided. Try And Tell My Heart No … LOL . Watch What Happens. I Will Break The World. Like I Do 😉

I Am Grateful For My Self That Never Ever Gives Up. Grateful For My AMAZINGLY Daring And Adventurous Self (Which Is My Norm) .

TicToc Round The Clock..

What’s It Gon’Be Sugar Drop ?


Most Importantly. I Am The FREEST And LUCKIEST Woman In Creation. And It’s About To Get WAY BETTER. So I Know As A Fact I Need ZERO Beings Outside Myself. I Feel Grateful For My Haters And All Your Jealous Gossip Energies 😉 Any Attention Is Good Stuff ! Turning Shit Into Food Is My FORTE!

Also, All The Beings Whose Lives Revolve Around Me I Am So Grateful For You! Some Of You Are Waiting For Me In Vain. And I Told You Long Ago To Get Lives But You Insist On … Imagining Outcomes That Will Never Manifest. Not In Your Wildest Dreams. I Am NOT And Never Will Be The Fall Out Person. I Am The One That Always Gets EXACTLY What She Deserves, Wants And That Makes Her Personal Destiny Come True.

I Also Respect Everyone’s Levels; Where You Are At, I Have Been At. Even If You Think You Have The Upper Hand. Which You Really Don’t But Only Reason Why You Think You Do Is Because You Are In Illusion. I Am Master Of Creation Awaken-er And It Won’t Be Long Till ALL Your Illusions Are Popped ! Whooooop