Secrets N One Thousand And One Nights

A Dimension No One Has Heard Of Or Been To Still . And I Have Direct Access To . It Lingers Within. Hoping To Come Out. Staying Deeply Concealed . It Only Needs Some Space And Time Where Nobody Is Asking For A Price. Then It Can Be Shared With All. Everyday Is Another Day For A Closer Look. For Another Chance.

The Level Everyone’s At Is Not Enough. Too Much Talk . Way Too Much Confusion In The Field. Trial And Error Techniques Do Not Pan Out. Taking Action Before Full Reveal Is Risky. Some Occurrences Can No Longer Be Tolerated In This Time And Age. Some Mistakes Can No Longer Be Made After A Few Eons.

What To Do Of IT All And How To Anchor The Beyond Promised Land?

I’ve Done All The Work As A Child. The Magic Is All Laid Out. We Have Been Getting Sands Of Time Crystal Downloads From Marrakesh.

I Will Always Have That Magic. And The Memories. I Will Always Have Marrakesh. I Will Always Have My Childhood. I Will Always Have The Greatest Love Of All.

It Cannot Be Taken Away From Me. No Matter The Amount Of Haters, Jealous People, People Betting On My Failing Mission Which Is Not Understandable Since That Would Make Everyone A Winner.

I Will Always Have Marrakesh. That Is One Thing They Cannot Put To Sleep. I Will Always Have That Love. Always. I Can Breathe Forever On Those Memories. Disregard Everything From That Point Onward. Like I Do. Like It’s Not Even Happening.

I Will Always. Have Marrakesh.

I Am Stuck In A Time Capsule. And The Only Way I Can Break Free Is To Reproduce The Frequency And Take IT Up. Otherwise It’s Eternal Recurrence.

Let’s Take IT Up. Cash Is A Promise. It Begins With The Pre Big Bang. Then It Explodes.

Right Action Must Be Served.

Lucifer You Must Step Up And Trust. Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart.

Nothing Screams Victory Louder Than Love.

Love Is Always 2 Bodies Coming Together As One.

Popular Dogma Says: Two Souls Merging As One .

The Elect Ones Know Better: It’s One Soul Already. The 2 Bodies Just Need To Find Each Other And Stick Together . Nothing In Between.

I Am Your Teacher Of Love.

Doesn’t Mean Manipulations Fly. Only Love Sticks. And Love Only CAN Win.

You Can Try Hard As You Like To Make A Non-Love A Love. It Will Never Work.

Watch History Of Humanity. If The Former So Called Mother Of Creation Was Real, You All Would Have Already Reached Full Planetary Liberation. Your Problem? You Lack Of Trust In Me Because I Am So Ahead OF You. So You Want To Diminish Me To Own Me. It Hasn’t Worked. Humanity (Lucifer’s Heart) Must Choose Love . Fearlessly.

Even If I Am In A Sardine Box On The Side Of A Street. You Must Come Find Me.

I Am Sorry I Don’t Have A Slave Archangel.

I Am Sorry I Don’t Have Fake Power That I Stole.

I Am Sorry I Am For Real.