We Got The Rem For Hyper-Cuteness-Sensitivity-Disorder ~ AuroraDiamondRainbowIslandSpice *

Gimme One Iced-Lemon-Latte With Extra Foam, Almond Shavings And Tad Of Lemon Peeled Marsh-mellow Bubbles And A Tiny Umbrella . Oh And I Want That In A Chilled Glass !

I Looked For A Smile, In The Caress Of An Island …

The Ocean Is The Only Home I Know . I Made Love To The Ocean .

… I …

Slept My Skin In The Palm Of It’s Waves And Liberated My Pain In The Flow Of It’s Tenderness.

I Made Love To The Ocean ~

It’s Waves Stole A Body Of Light, While Lighting The Sky And I Learnt The Alphabet Of The Salty Night On A Breath Of Ether .. It Whispered I Had To Forget And Forgive

Sang Songs Of Healing ..

Me. That Didn’t Know How To Sleep Away From You ..

On A Bed Of Sand . I Dreamt Your Sleep.

I Made Love To The Ocean ~

If You Come Tomorrow Looking For A Memory, There Will Be No Need For Words.

I Will Teach You How To .. Make Love With The Ocean.

You Will Take Me To The Altar And..

You Will Lead Yourself Into Me.

Without A Sound.

I Am The Ocean.

I Am All There Is.

And You Will Stay Within And Never Go Again.

The Songs Of The Waves Will Enchant You Eternal .

Together We Light Up The Stars.

Over The Rainbow.

So High