Electrolytes Kinda Sunday ~ Freezing Snow Hilton Heart.

So We Had A Carrot Gingerus Lemon Raw Organic Juice + Wheatgrass Turmeric Shot .

The New Flavah Of The Day Is The Koffee Kombucha. It’s Surreal. Bravo . All By GT’S .. Greatest! Have You All Had Lavender Love? … OMG .. Or Tantric Turmeric … Phantasmagoria .. And I Felt IT Couldn’t Get Better Than Guava Goddess ..

So The Plan For The Day Is To Mix Kombuchas With The Prescribed Teas, + Coconut Water And Prune Juice. Also We Are Boiling Beets Cos That’s Also Part Of The Prescription Waiting Till The Herbal Supplement Is Ready By Tuesday Then The Next Myofascial Release On Wednesday .

The Neck Is Feeling Like It’s Cheating On Alexandrius Program . It’s Fascinating. The Most Painful Thing I’ve Had To Go Through Is Get Off Whatever They Were Mixing Into My Food Since Birth. The Upper Back Feels Like The A Transformer Coming Back To Human. The Brain Feels Like the Fog Is About To Give Way To Crisp Sharpness. Like A Shark’s Bite.

The Tongue Is About To Come Back To Life.The Eye Lids Have Been Vibrating Electric Undoing The Implants And Electroshock.

My Real Voice Is About To Be Heard. This Is Quite Fascinating . Doesn’t Mean It’s Pleasant But It’s Being Done On A Great Island, All Snowy, With The Coolest Raw Juice Bar Next Door, The Greatest Organic Food Shop, All Riding Distance. The Best Assistance And My Yoga Light Family All Around.

Couldn’t Have Wished For Better In A Million Years. Maybe I Imagined This While They Were Busy Implanting Me And Abducting Me. Only A Little More And My Strength Is Fully Back. It’s Going To Be Linking My Navel To My Throat Is What Was Shown Yesterday But The Body Was Too Depleted To Finish The Procedure.

So Today Is Recharge Day And If I Am Not Able To Do This Alone, The Devil’s Twin Is Here For Me.

The Devil’s Twin Is One Of The Hippest Divine Masculine’s On Planet Earth No Joke. I Have Met You All And He Takes The Cake.

Love N Gratitude Eternal.