Arcturian Request For Immediate Divine Intervention

Thanks For The Necessary Divine Intervention For Gaia-Aurora’s Immediate Next Step, Thanks For SHOWING UP.

The Arcturian Teams Wonder When All Those That Freely Took Aurora’s Energy And Are Now Still Feeling Entitled To Shun Her, Block Her, Demand Calls From Her, Threaten To Report Her?! Spy On Her, Email Her With Demanding Money Reimbursement For Bills She Payed For Them In The Past?? Asking Her To Move To Their Towns In A Cabin In The Woods While They Are ‘Busy”? Making Plans For Her In Her Name As If They Know What’s Best For Her, Have Her Work For Them And Never Pay Thinking She Is Their Property? Getting Free Calls And Sessions For Years Now And Reversing It On Her….. Are Going To TAKE A Hint!