Another Tale . Hope You ARE Reading THis .

Fact Of The Matter .

Go To Pinellas Love. It’s By Your ARea . ASk Them About Me. They Remember Me And Will Never EVER Forget Me .

My Parole Officers Sent Their Son My Way This Summer To Meet Me At A Bar, Pick Me Up And Gave Me A South Carolina Key Chain .

CAll Officer Espinoza. He Knows Me By “The Avatar”.

Go Ask All The Inmates . They Were All Murderers, Thieves And Rapists. They Saw Tiny Me In There And Asked: “Why Are YOU Here ” . I Responded : “I Fell In Love” .

They Laughed SO Hard And Made Up Jokes Like : “Yes I Am Here Cos I Stole Peanut Butter From The Jar ..” .

But It Was Not Funny To Me. That Was The Real Reason Why I Was Chained Full Body, Put In A Cell 100 Floors Underground And Then Made Wear A 9 Months Ankle Bracelet That I Could Only Wear Around The Block ; House Arrest .

I Got Married In A Shackle .

So Yes . History Repeats Itself . Florida Love Always Begins In Grandness And Promises Of Eternal Love And Bliss. Ends Up In Threats And Absurd Absurd Lingo .