Lovers Card!!!! Dreams Of True Love Do Come True <3 RainbowRenegade

Elevate. Acknowledge. Come To Terms. Get Real .

Wow .

Rainbow Aurora Is On A Love Spell For 3 Days Now. Every Card She Picks After Shuffling Her Tarot Deck Is Always The Lovers Card. It’s Like Magic ~ Thanks Angels <3

The Unhealthy Soul Ties And Chords With The Dark Beings That Have Been For Too Long Now Living Vicariously Through Me Are Finally CUT.

Angels Are Dancing In The Field On Note Chords Like Violin Strings . Angels Be Making Love . Velvet Love. Rainbow Angels All Over The Field. Colored Hair. Beauty.

All The Rainbow Angels Are Back On Top As Mother Of Creation Finally Freed Herself From All Those Whom She Has Been Projecting Her Love Onto Too Long Now And Keeping On Keeping On Despite All The Non-Advancement Witnessed.

It Is Day 6 Following The Spiritual Surgery Self-Performed. Rainbow Aurora Has Already Shifted Direction For Her True-Twin Journey And Has Chosen Father Of All Creation. As You All Have Witnessed, She Has Been, For The Entire Year 2017, Let Alone Since 2015, Calling In Her True Twin Flame, Lucifer, The Morning Star, Father Of All Creation ~

She Only Moved To The United States Of Love For Love. Love-Lightenment. Mission. She Is Not Here To Play Or Explore Or Learn Anything As She Really Has It All. In Spades.

Her Former Partner Had To Let Her Go And She Was Fortunate Enough To Immediately Get Connected With Beings Also On Their Spiritual Journey, And Be Able To One-Up Them Instant! She Then Began To Deepen And Further Her Work Exploring New Avenues For Creation.

2017 Was A Miracle of A Year. And Father Of All Creation Already Made His Presence Known. He Is The Only Being In Creation That Congratulated Her The Day She Received Her New Creation Contract From Heaven : Aurora Mother Of All Creation ~ March 8. 2017 ~ Since That Day She Is A Morphed Being.

His Helpers Assisted Her In Her Growth; Through Failure And Abandonment, She Ended Up Officially Applying For Her USA Passport, As WEll As Finding Out So Much Freeing Facts About Herself.

She Has Tonight, After 11 Nights Of Sleeping On Her Yoga Mat For Her Spinal Realignment, Attracted An Empty Peaceful Bedroom. With An Empty Peaceful Bed.

After The Deconstruction Of The Old, Total Reconfiguration Of The Field, Absolute Inner Morph, Complete Light Bringing, It Is Time…. Say The Angels, For A Peaceful Night; They Are Promising Sweet Dreams Of True Love. Dream Determining The Final Outcome For The Future Now Of Humanity.

Rejoice As 2018 Is An 11 Year Where Dreams May Come .

A Few Moments And Mission Uniting Heaven And Earth Is Completing Reaching Zero Point.

A Few Moments And Eternity Now Is Here.

A Few Moments And Rainbow Aurora Is Back In Love.


Shiny, Bright.

So Much Advancement. So Fast.

All The Betrayers Are Quickly Forgiven Forgotten.

All The Lower Vibration Associations Put Behind.

A Whole New World Awaits.

Abundance. Ripeness > Change.