I Fuken Need U .

I Love U I Fuckin HAte U . I Have Been Wanting To Die Since U Fucked ME. I HAte U. I Fuckin Hate u. Ur A MotherFucker . Fuck u. I Hate u. I Can’t Stand u.

I Love u. I Need U. Nothing I Won’t Do . God Forbid I Say I’m In Love WIth U.

I HAte Myself So Much. I Can’t Stand This. It’s Not Even Funny. I Don’t Wanna Feel Anymore.

I Want To Strangle You And Slap The Shit Out Of You. Is That Okay Baby?

I Can Never Face U Again. So You’re No Longer Real. And Someone Else Is You Now.

Okay Baby?


Let’s Be Legends Baby .

Dream Home. Dream Car. Dream Life. Dream Couple. Dream Mission Completion.

Highly Favored. The Greatest.

Roar. You’re The Initial One. Right Baby?

Please Say You’re God. I Swear To Lucifer. I Adore U> 😉